Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Birthday: A day of resolutions!

It's my birthday. So apart from reminiscing i shall pave the way for a few resolutions as well. None that will be too hard to keep. I go easy on myself always :)

On the year gone by, all of you must know that if there was one thing I stuck by it was immense faith.The year that went by I kept my faith strong, fell in love, and yes the inevitable marriage happened. I also changed my job and got a job I liked. I got in to some beautiful relationships with people. I made some friends for life, I also got myself a brother, not out of blood but just by gut. I explored a life without my parents, being in far off places. I survived without my sister.

And today I'm closer to my dreams than I was 10 years back. I always use to wonder about how I would ever be able to do justice to my creativity, my painting talent and my writing. Today I have enough time to pursue all of the above and still explore more of my spirit and intellect.

I also use to wonder that after I moved away from my parents and the sheltered life of the IIT campus, what would become of me. Would I become a complete junkie? The answers that unraveled were a delight. I stay in one of the most beautiful townships in Germany, with immense greenery. I have the backing of two very important people in my life, my hubby and my neighbor. I've not moved away from my determination of ambition. If at all with the language that I learn and my creativity, somehow good things keep coming my way.

So what follows in the coming year? I don't know yet, but what I do know is that it will be the greatest ever. My resolutions are:-

1.To get my sister by my side for now and forever. I know I have to earn or scheme enough for her to be here but it shall happen. I've realized that life may be great but not the greatest without her. So I will do what it takes to get her right here.

2.Land in my dream job as an illustrator. It's about time.

3.Meet up with my 4 best friends before turning a year older. Also, we need to discuss our plans of "The Penthouse".

4.Patience. I lack a lot of it but I think it could make me perfect, so I'll give it a shot.

For all of you reading my blog, thank you for your constant comments and encouragement. Thank you for sharing your stories, it makes me stronger everyday. Continue reading, you make me who I am today. If you get a chance, do have a shot or two because it is MY BDAY :)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty sleep not a MYTH

Imagine waking up 5.30 in the morning to go for a run in to the sun. It sounds so idealistic and perfect but what it leads to is a bad bad headache. This is what I suffered from the whole day. I always thought that when they talk about all those wonders of a beauty sleep, they were just kidding and being vain. But what I've realized today is that I'm a part of that vanity.

A good night sleep does wonders not just to your body but to your mind as well. All of which I lacked today. I was not my usual hyper self and suffered from a rather bad mood. I've often read these "what's on your mind?" on Facebook where girls suffer from a bad mood, ugly mood swings and often depressed as hell. Well, here's the solution for you girls, go to SLEEP!!

I caught up with my sleep in the afternoon. And its done wonders already, I'm fresh, I hit the gym and I did some studying in full throttle mode.

Hmm..I think its ok to be vain just once in a while. I'm loving it, so try it :)


Monday, June 28, 2010

Beating Monday morning way!!

Everyone suffers from Monday morning blues. Who doesn't? You probably wondering what Monday morning blues could someone as "wella" as me suffer. Well here are a few:-

1.Waking up in the morning realizing you are puffed up with the over-eating, drinking and over-indulging, practically kills me.
2.Finding a messy house is another nightmare. Chips on the carpet, onion peels flying over the kitchen counter, dirty laundry in the basket are just a few examples of the horrors I face on such mornings.
3.The silence. The over-bearing silence of the house is another haunting experience since my hubby is off to work and I know I'll have to clean up all by myself.

Now ways to beat these blues are rather interesting even to me:-
1. A good run in to the sun.A run by the airport strip, where we stay helps me look at the dawn breaking in to the day. This gives me hope that everything will turn out just fine.(Even the mess)
2. Another thing I do is to put on some peppy numbers, that's an understatement, loud jarring numbers is more my way to beat the blues. Something which could go like " Shot through the heart and you're to blame...".
3. A favorite therapy of mine is an afternoon of watching one episode of "Sex and the city". For the male readers it could be an episode of "Entourage" :)! Definitely boosts your adrenaline levels.
4.If all this fails, you could try meditation.
5.And even if that doesn't work, hmm..., sleep a little longer, may be it is a nightmare you just had. :P

Well, I've already countered my Monday morning blues knowing that its one day struck off the entire week leading in to a great weekend. Hopefully so would have all of you. For what's now 4 days of the remaining week. Enjoy!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking out of my bubble

Its a Friday and i know its probably not the day for too many philosophies but hey this is going to be a positive one. I've often been criticized by my friends and family members for living in my own bubble. Living in my bubble implies to my ignorance. It could be regarding geography, which i still don't get or it could be politics or anything of relevance to the rest of the world. I'm often very oblivious to my surroundings.

Today I happen to chat with a very old class mate of mine. I'd as usual been living in my bubble being all opinionated that well all Dipsites are full of attitude and are rather intimidating. But instead I found myself being greeted by a rather warm friend on the other end of the screen. I wondered how many people had I lost in touch with just living in my bubble and being my presumptuous self.

How many of us are afraid to extend that first hand of friendship? How tough is it to break the barrier? Why do we take so much of time to do it? Its almost like the "I Love you" Ban. An "I love you" ban in my terms is when you are afraid to say it to any person fearing that it raises your bar of commitment to them. I have had my issues with it. The ban is mostly found with guys, I've noticed. So when did it start percolating to women. We (girls) were always the braver ones. Then where did the inhibitions set in?

I think it has a lot to do with experience. In my case the not so good ones. Today since I had nothing to grumble about, I have sunshine, I had a day off from school, and I had absolutely no cleaning to do, somehow i extended my hand out of that bubble. And the result was brilliant. May be I'll do it more often :)

It's a Friday night people, please get sloshed, wear your best attire, please yourself and start preparing for my Bday ;)


Thursday, June 24, 2010


How many of you ever thought that you were adopted? As a child i had these miserable thoughts of being an adopted kid in the family but as i grew older those miseries faded away as i struck a stark resemblance to my mom.

I had always had this fear of not being loved the most by someone. I always wanted to be my mom's most loved baby, my sister's most loved sibling, my friend's (and all my friends) best friend etc etc. Of-course as i grew up, the realities of life dawned upon me. My mom had to love all of us. My sister had to love my brother and my friends could make better friends with time. Trust me, the realization was pretty shattering (I'm sure you are all just as amused). I remember a time when i hated that my two best friends were dating. It was like I would no longer be "The apple of their eye", I turned to probably being a raisin.

I still have a hard time coping up with being second best, second best loved.I had these thoughts before coming to Germany.I was going to a whole new country which would only treat me as being second best. I would be in a community where i would be treated as second best. I would not be spoken to in my best language. All these phobias continued to mess me up.

But what I learnt is that with time and different places you get adopted. My neighbor who is a German has almost adopted me as her grand daughter and so I've taken to her as a grand mum. A really cool grand mum who I can share a smoke and a drink while watching the perfect sun set. A class mate of mine just called me her niece. She told me i could come by her place or could call upon her whenever there be a need.And so i got adopted again.

As we walk through time and places, we make new relationships, some that make life easy on day to day basis, some that sustain and some that do not make it to the length of our life-span. The point is as you try to adapt with time and culture, you see that they adopt you too. It's a wonderful reciprocation.

Hmm..I don't feel so bad about being second best after-all.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friends :)

Friendship is the thought that comes to my mind right now. Friendship has no age, class, sex or any other kind of barrier. It happens to you when you are looking for nothing.

My friendship is not just limited to my relation with my friends, my sister's friends or my hubby's. Its extended in all my surroundings. Some of you have already become my brothers, sisters and surrogate mother by just being there for me.

I value and cherish every suggestion that comes my way from you. Its cherished every moment spent with those of you who read this space and from those who I've had a chance to spend some time with. But i always say with friendship comes responsibility. You must know that who i am today or will be tomorrow will be governed by you (this is not to say i lose my individuality, its just to say how it affects me.)

I want to talk about what it could do to me:-
1. It could make me the free soul of a seagull flying into destinations unknown with a limited life-span.
2. It could drown me in an unknown ocean of the same depth as the height you let me soar in.

Be careful of your words, be careful of the emotions you display upon me. I am what you make me to be. I am not what you don't want me to be.

Sorry for the philosophy but for those of you who got this, will be there with me till time do us apart. Think about it.

Cheers to good wine and the match of Greece Vs Argentina!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Missing Delhi..missing my sister

Its one of those days. Monday has brought me no sunshine and a deep urge to be with my sister, in the city i'll always belong to : Delhi.

Delhi witnesses all the seasons with different colours and has a strange appeal in my eyes.

My mornings: My mornings in Delhi were always in either Al's gym or walking/jogging in the beautiful green IIT Campus. Al's gym holds a special meaning in my heart since this was a place where i was attended to by the most warm trainers in Delhi. Working out with my sister for 2 years gave us both a way to beat any kind of blue.

My afternoons: Although this was mostly spent with my colleagues in office, but somehow the laughter and the cheer has also been unparalleled since. The long lunch breaks, followed by a stroll or a smoke break, in the heart of the city : Connaught place. It could be a shake at Wenger's or the Gol-gappa's at Bengali market. The shopping in Janpath.

My evenings: After office, catching up with my sister at SDA. Drinking a cup of coffee at Barista or at a CCD opposite Aurobindo college was "our" little heaven. There is nothing like sisterly gossip in the world. Pulling each others leg or someone else's leg till it was mummy's call for home.

My nights: Sitting on the couch and watching TV with my brother and sister. Fighting over the remote, over channels and constant bickering on who would get a water bottle from the refrigerator. Over-eating followed by a walk in the campus with my sister or mom.

Late nights: Lying on the bed, talking to my sister about what we would wear the next day to work.Trying on clothes till we were tired to the bone. Late night calls and checking out Facebook with my sister.

There is so much i miss, mostly about a time gone by and with my sister. Wonder if that time would ever come back? How do i make my peace with my present when i have had such a wonderful past?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shopping alone

Shopping alone is almost like being single again for me. It holds the same excitement for me as meeting someone new.

Though most girls love to shop with their girlfriends, i was mostly deprived of good company. I may love the "Sex and the city" series but very honestly i have only craved for such girlfriends. Most of the ones that I made turned out as back stabbers and in the long run hurting me. This did not mean that i had no friends. It just so happened that most of my closest friends today are men. They can keep secrets and can hold their drinks without crying or feeling guilty about something. Surprisingly they also make good shoppers. Well, not as good as woman but they are generous enough to make an effort to tell you when you look fat, your butt looks out of place, and when everything is for everybody to see. Well thats the shopping I've done with my male friends. Oh Lord its time to mover over to woman friends isn't it??

So, why can't i have these women friends? Why are they so over-rated in my life? Will there ever be more girl friends in my phone book than the number of male friends? I wonder??

This brings me back to shopping alone. Since there is no way that my sister can afford to fly all the way here to shop with me.I shall have to do it all alone. You see, my darling husband just lost a bet last night on the England Vs Algeria match. And so I won myself a shopping spree. Unfortunately he hates to go inside these stores and so i shall have to do it all by myself. The thought of it all has caused me to wake up at 5.30 in the morning and start writing all this. I'm definitely going cuckoo.

I'll try and catch a wink now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The week that went by..

Its that time of the week, that we all love. It's a FRIDAY. And like God just send me this special message by bringing out the sun late this Friday evening. Germany is full of these beautiful surprises. Just when you think, the week is finally over,the gloomy day is just about to set, the sun will come out of no-where and i mean no where since its been raining all morning and afternoon..and wham..there comes out the sun. The birds are back to chirping and the honey bees are out in the garden.

I start my day again, the best part is always the Friday evening with some friends and my hubby. Although Germany faced a sad defeat, i have a reason to smile with the sun by my window.

In the week that went by, I had a chance to understand a bit of the language, thanks to my German classes. I can make little conversation with the store-keepers and with the youngsters who refuse to give up a chance to talk with a foreigner.

I've also managed to keep up with my literary skills and my artistic side with a few sketches here and there.

What could i want more right? Hmm..may be the company that my sister is enjoying right now. Yeah, i could do with a session of Jinga with my drunk friends in Bangalore or a bitch session with some girlfriends over the fashion disasters of the year. Since that will have to wait till i make those 100 new friends, i will spend the evening doing some retail therapy :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Hope my bachelor friends finally get to work over the tips I've showered them with over the week gone by. Hope my sister is getting tipsy somewhere with her great friends. As for me, I'm out of here for now.


Levi's Men's Checkerboard Pattern Belt,Black/White,Large

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Keep your head up in the air and your feet firmly on the ground

This is a saying i have been told by mom a million times. I had somehow forgotten the relevance of it in my life over a period of time. Today as i spoke to one of my friends, i somehow quoted it and then realized how i had been neglecting it.

There was a simple conversation today with this friend of mine regarding my German classes. I had told him how appalled i had been to find that some people did not even know how to write. In-fact i went on to say that "It was disgusting". To this, my friend corrected me by saying "You are sympathetic not disgusted."

You see, education handicaps so many of our humanitarian aspects. We tend to overlook people for their lack of it. We miss out on facts like poverty, ignorance, circumstances and some more. In fact many Germans may not be as educated as our population of over a billion yet they tend to flourish more than us.

This brings me back to my humanitarian aspect. Rather than dwelling in to any more thought, i will make a resolution here: starting Monday, I will help the person with this learning dis-ability.

I would hate to be the preacher who doesn't follow what she preaches.

Danke my freund!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Things I do to kill time!!

Today has been an extremely long day. I've done almost all my daily activities right from school, gym, painting and now blogging. In spite of having done all this, i still had some time to kill. So, i thought i'll let you in on some of my 5 most fantastic ways to kill time.

Here are a few of them, please do not be annoyed because you may have been a part of them:-

1.Clean something, anything, you'll find me cleaning invisible dust or dropping something and since no one is looking most of the times, dropping more of it, enjoying it and then cleaning it!!

2.Eating. Eating utter rubbish with zero calories, this causes me grief so I'll eat something tasty after which i feel guilty and leads to more work-out time in the gym.( Oh! It also involves going to the loo to rinse my mouth, look at myself, etc etc, 15 mins gone!)

3.Chatting on-line: Talking about random things, things which don't make sense at all, like i just got off chatting with my sister, trying to convince her that she should see at-least a 100 guys, beat my record and then settle down. If that wasn't enough i even FB'd some guys for her!(My hubby will so kill me when he reads this!!)

4.Talking on the phone with friends: Almost always making impossible plans. Like, hey let's meet up on the moon next year.( No, I'm kidding, I'm not so de-ranged as yet!) or hey let's camp together at 55!!( one remembers these ones)!

5.Take a trip to the grocery store: You will always always find something there, even if you don't need it, you can give it to someone and tell them, they need it. This one I'm about to do just now :)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays with my sweet neighbor

I don't know how many of you have read the book "Tuesdays with Morrie". I hope that you are inclined to once you've read my blog. It talks about the relationship of an old mentor and young student.

My Tuesdays for the past three weeks have been like the ones in the book. Every afternoon, I bother my old neighbor with general queries in life. I also end up sharing a good conversation over scrabble and of-course coffee and smokes. My 80 year old neighbor refuses to get old and I refuse to let her. Over a heated session of scrabble (because we are getting competitive and good over the time), we talk about our different mother tongues, our nationalities and the common love that we share of scrabble.

We youngsters, sometimes talk about a generation gap, we rebel against our elders, i am guilty of the same. But when you actually sit down with them and listen to them about a time gone by, there is so much to learn. As i sat with her today, i had a chance to learn about a time before the world war 2, the gradual transition of East and West Germany and their union in 1989. It was only after Germany hosted the world cup in 2006, every German after the long Fascist regime, felt proud of their country and hung out their flags.

There is so much to learn from a time gone by. If you get a chance, do sit out with an elderly person every once in a while. And just listen. Only listen.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Zerman sambhal ke all the way!!

The title is inspired by the serial that use to come on the telly way back when we were kids called "Zaban sambhalke"

As you may have guessed already, my German classes started today. I had a sick feeling in my stomach all the way. I hated school days. I was almost always the conspicuous mid bencher. I didn't have the brains of a first bencher nor did i have the popular notorious characteristics of the back bencher and so i remained a "Nobody" throughout my school days.

As it turns out, I haven't changed much over the years. Today morning my hubby planted that sweet kiss on my forehead and i still felt like the weepy little girl going to the front (school is just as bad for me!).

Ok, so it wasn't so bad. Our teacher only and only spoke in German. The 2 Indians, 4 Turks, 1 African and 1 Phillipienian( I don't know what they are called), have all been in Germany for over 2 years, so they all understood. I couldn't be a mid-bencher because they had a round table!(Big-bummer) so i was in mid-circle this time. The funny side was, our accents. German as a language has most of its words coming from half-way through your nostrils and lungs. And so the class went up in splits every time i spoke because i think most of the times i ended up spitting while pronouncing the words. Also my rather long name got me a few sympathetic smiles.

Today has already been a hard day. I feel like I've come to a zero, where everything i had learned so far doesn't count anymore.So long till something cheers me up.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My latest lover!

OMG I think I'm in love again! Of-course if you've known me for over 10 years, this will not take you by surprise!

You see the following are my symptoms:-
1.The minute i part with him, I miss him.
2.I'm almost always thinking of him when I'm not around him.
3.Mostly I'm always with him especially when my hubby is not around.
4.Sometimes i even sneak out with him when my hubby's not looking.

Ladies and gentleman, the mystery unravels: It's my laptop. I will call it a him like my car. Do what you can to convince me otherwise!!

I think I've become so hooked on to my laptop, its almost as disgusting as being hooked on to crack or cocaine. I don't know how many of you suffer the same disease. My friends had warned me initially but i never took them seriously. I watch all my TV here since everything else on TV happens to be in Zerman of-course. I chat on it. It's my only window now to the real world,since i hardly get to interact with human beings face to face. The actual window that i use to be by has disappeared.

Starting today i have another rule: kill the infidelity. I will spend not more than 5 hours which is actually almost 1/4th of my day on my machine. Kindly help me with this. I hate dependency of any kind. I know some of you are smirking at me, reading this. But i think i may need help here.

Ok, enough of my latest lover. Have a great weekend guys, kindly kill yourselves in some party. I would have love to, had it not been for my damn sore throat!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Afternoon siestas

After coughing out my entire lungs, I would like to tell you about the beauty of wonderful afternoon naps :)

You see as little kids me and my sister were put off to bed straight after lunch. My mom argued this way, we would end up getting-up taller and energetic. Of-course it was also her way to sneak off to work, the minute we slept. But this routine caused us much chaos later in life. For example, if you generally have a conversation with me or my sister right after lunch, you are likely to hear the words "Yaaawwaaannn, I'm sleepy, someone get me a bed!"

I would like to share here a few of my most precious stolen moments for a nap :)
1. In MBA, borrowing my then BFs car, telling him to mark my attendance coz i wasn't doing so well. And running off to my bed by the window in the winters and snoozing off!
2. In Engg.,where bunking and attendance were easier, I told some of my friends I was sleepy. They locked me in their car and went off, while i dozed off to glory. This again right after lunch.
3. In school, extra classes for science students is a pain in the a**! So, i use to just put my hand a little over my eyes like I was concentrating very hard and sleep off.
4. Office days are the best especially if you are in sales and have colleagues who owe you a thing or two. Take their house keys and take a flight to nene-land! No questions asked.

Well, its a bliss to be able to get that afternoon nap. If you have a party to attend in the evening, the nap is even better, it'll make you last longer also!

Wow! I wish all of you could have this once in a while. It's heavenly :)!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sore throats and dull behavior

The weather has finally had its effect on me :( ! I have this bad sore throat and a headache. The thing with sore throats is that it bring in so many other of its friends with it. Like it brings a headache, a mild body ache and of course fever which happens to be its best friend.

I've always hated how you have to drink those awful cough syrups and swallow those bitter tablets. The staying in bed part is the worse. I like to go about hopping around Filderstadt and getting inspired to sketch a few lines.

Although being sick has its advantages. For me, its being showered with attention by my hubby. Also, finally getting some art work done in bed.

When we were younger, mum's fussing over what you want to eat, how you're feeling and giving you dessert to wash down the bitter after taste of medicines. All the pampering..

I'm not going to be writing-in much today. No brain waves happening yet. I just hope the sore throat goes away soon. Till later.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

7 Things you should never ask Shuchita!

Today i shall talk about the 7 things you should never ask me about. They make me so mad that i almost wish the other person would cease to exist. These are some of them:-

Question 1: "So how come, you're in Germany?"
My intended Answer 1: "Why jealous? You never bothered to talk to me for the past 6 months/1year and now you talk to me, do you think I'll also sponsor your trip here? Loser!"
Fact 1: I'm in Germany because my husband got a transfer and frankly i hated my job so i came here to look for better options.

Question 2: "So you are a house-wife now?"
My intended Answer 2: "Yeah you as**h**le like your mother!! Aren't you always making less money than me? Well since i was smart and saved while you were sitting on your ass all this while, I also managed to save enough to fund my generations!!"
Fact 2: I'm a student of the German language course, and this shall open more doors for me in the near future both for a job and for further enrollment in to my dream courses here.

Question 3: "So how come you decided to get married?"
My intended Answer 3:"Well i didn't want to wait to have your ugly kids so i went ahead and married my husband, who by the way happens to be the King of Germany!!"
Fact 3: I'm madly in love with my husband and have been for 2 years.

Question 4: "Wow, you've really matured and grown up huh?"
My intended Answer 4: " No i decided I'll wear the same underwear as i did when i was 2, it brings a young feel to it, you should try it too!! "
Fact 4: I had a wild past and still maintain it!

Question 5: " I see you've put on a little weight?"
My intended Answer 5:" Atleast I'm not UGLY like you and always be fitter than all your generations to come!!"
Fact 5: I work out 1.5-2hrs in the Gym everyday and yes i love to drink beer, so my weight is not constant, luckily I'm not anorexic.

Question 6: "Sutta daaru chhoda?"
My intended Answer 6: "Did you stop spreading that disgusting odour you carry around with you everywhere?"
Fact 6: I'll leave it when i want to, its no one's business except mine.

Question 7: "Aur kya chal raha hai?"
My intended Answer 7: "If you were so important to me you would know, since you don't buzz off and mind your own business!"
Fact 7: There are so many things in the world happening, can't write them all down can I?

Well incase any of you ever intend asking me these questions, you will atleast know what's on my mind..


Breach of Trust

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fantastic weekend

Monday morning always seem to bring this lull. After a fantastic weekend, its back to doing what we all do, chores and routines.

I'll talk about my interesting weekend and try and kill this lull. Saturday morning was a bliss since i had a chance to wake up to a nice breakfast followed by a trip to the Mercedes Benz museum. Now this is not like the doll museum we all went to as kids but this is one with 7 storeys each filled with historical facts right from the inception of their first patents in 1886. All 7 storey work their way spiraling to the ground floor with facts and figures, apart from the beautiful model of cars that they show case. I especially liked the celebrity section which show cases models of car used by the pope or the one that was used in the movie Lost world. It makes one think of the company's vision which seems to be an insatiable quest for bettering their technology each year. Hats off they've done a great job each year starting with their Bahns in Germany to the latest SUV models.

Sunday happened to be a day of travelling. We went to a place in Bavaria, called Erlangen, to meet up with some special friends and attend my first ever comic salon. Artists from different nationalities came together to exhibit their work. The place is thronging with publishers, painters, academician and so on. After a round of beers, we were off for a trek to the lovely beer gardens. It seems that the oldest breweries here were started by the monks. This definitely made me think of poor Ramdev baba who so strongly condemns alcohol! Did he know this? It was an awesome experience, after a long trek taking another round of beer..Yumm, we were back to the Bahn station. Did i also mention, our friends treated us to a nice Indian lunch!

So after this beautiful and might i add exhausting weekend, I'm back to doing my routines..which doesn't seem so bad anymore. Only I'll have to skip my gym because my legs scream for rest right now.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Breakfast by the window

Today is going to be a day i get a lot of work done. You see the minute the sun is out, i seem to ooze out with a different kind of energy.

Waking up late and knowing that i don't have to report in to a shit boss or do stuff i hate. I use to hate making bogus sales calls and running off to cafes to get my first doze of caffeine. I use to hate meeting old hags and explain why financial products were good for them when i knew we were selling stuff worth scams! But today waking up has a new meaning..yipppee..i am my own boss.

And as a boss and employee, I've given myself the following tasks to accomplish:-
1. Vacuuming the house (Now don't come out on me with the house-wifely shit, its not like i'm cutting peas while watching "kyunki saas.." episodes..I have no maid and so i shall do what is called house-work..its called "The dirt chaser"..see i have a cool name for it).
2. Gymming for 2 hours minimum( If you got a great cook like my husband, and a little paunch around a slender figure, you have to chase it I'll be "super-power paunch")
3. Illustrating the above( Yeah, while sitting and writing this, my imagination created a few cartoons i must share ;))
4. Buying new kind of cheese, with holes, like the one jerry mouse chased!( Mom says i must try every kind of cheese, its required in colder countries, plus the variety should not be missed, so here is to my mom!)
5. Asking my gym instructor for a coffee( Don't get funny ideas, but the girl works too hard, so i thought, I'll treat her over her lunch break, and make a new friend)

So with all these agendas on my list, I'll add a little treat, which would be buying anything for myself, like a new scarf or a webcam or something. So the boss gives the treat, which is me..YAY!! And the employee which is me..Not so yay..does work and gets the treat YAY!!

I'm going to get started on this thing right now..Have a wonderful day guys while i enjoy my breakfast by the window :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finding a friend

This entry here would be dedicated to a friend who brought about light in to the rather dull weather in Germany today.

Yes, its been quite an awful June, and this is not just me but my darling German neighbor who thinks so too. The weather is the most common of all conversations as you will all agree. And the same common conversation led me to ask my neighbor over a game of scrabble. Yes, yesterday apart from my usual pattern of painting and blogging. I also played scrabble, where i was served with hot coffee and German cakes which were yum.

Today has been the usual but for the little, actually long chat with my new found Indian friend in Germany. I had decided not to blog today, thinking who reads this stuff anyway. But what i discovered was that may be i don't just do this to get a response from people but also put an order to my random thoughts which run around scott free everyday.

Today i have this question for myself, i was going about reading the Indian and the German newspapers. There was a stark difference. Indian newspapers were booming out with AI plane mishaps, the price of Gold being sky rocketed and no caterers for the Common wealth games and on the contrary German newspaper talked about awarding the best brokers, about chair mens being Its felt like i belonged to two different worlds..i wonder if there will ever be a bridge between these worlds??

With thoughts like these i sign off today.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little sunshine and more joys

The sun is out today, well partially, since its deciding to play hide and seek in the clouds. But its put a smile on my face all the same.

The joy today is that i was able to enroll myself in the German classes yesterday without the resident permit, which comes in later. Its a relief knowing that in a few days, I'll be back to civilization. I'll no longer have to talk to the walls or the person in my head. I'll be able to watch some TV not feeling like an ape or even read magazines without just browsing through the pictures. The last bit was a little exaggerated since beauty magazines and me have a long connection, I've translated them in Google, just to know where the best deals are ;)! All in all some excitement setting in.

Talking about beauty magazines, this is for my women followers, so guys can tune out at this point of time. Some of the trends that I totally rubbished out in India are really-in here. These trends would be:-
1.Gladiator sandals( They are so popular here! I thought they were ugly and would fade out soon but nope they are huge in Europe!)
2.Straight or tapering jeans (Come on! Indian woman have huger bottoms, I never thought they would rule, but they do, well also they're worn with boots here, Humph..)
3.Chunky accessories (You see most of Stuttgart is colored in Black, Blue, Grey or White so i thought they needed it, but "Sex and the city 2" emphasis it as a must-have.)
4.False or elongated eyelashes!(They wear these to work!!How???)
5.Nail art(Ok, we Indians will never have the time to sit through this session. You'd never ever find me with one of these.Its pointless, right??)

I've overshot myself on the list but if you girls beg to differ, then do write in. I'd love to hear some more.