Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Social entrepreneurship

I don't really know how they came to classify this term. I can only find this logical explanation for the thinkers that they wanted to do something good for the society and let it be profitable enough to be called that.
In my times, living in Germany, working as a trainer, it means to help people fill forms and find a way to integrate into society while getting money from it from BAMF or a bigger organisation like Bosch or Daimler which still have a heart.
I'm not sure if one needs a college degree to help the society, however one does need a certain kind of exposure to run a business.
When business and goodwill do find an integration, that is the fulfillment or progress in the society that we live in today. In my head, it is achievable. The real question is, is the world ready to show that much compassion and passion.
Are you willing as an individual to give it your all regardless of the monetary comforts or the accolades. Are we ready as a business to embrace our human side?That is the question?
If every individual were to do that, wouldn't there be less conflict? Wouldn't there be more harmony? Are we willing for that? Yes, that is the answer to Forbes philanthropic societies and social entrepreneurship.
Can mankind ever exist in harmonic relations?