Monday, January 31, 2011

Second chance and School days

I believe there are very few people in life who get a second chance in life. When I talk about a second chance, please don't take me very seriously...I don't mean in forms of life and death...I just mean in terms of your youth.

Unfortunately, I hated my school. I always thought it was a place for the rich,the pretty and the pretty influential! I have very painful memories of school. Back stabbing friends, lousy set of boyfriends and a partial group of teachers. When people reminisce their times in school, I have almost had nothing to share with them.

And so I always wished to God to give me another easy going chance and today I have it. Yeah being 28 and being in a school is such a joyful experience. I don't have to prove anything to anyone except myself. I don't have to have those lousy flings and things.Most of all I don't have to pretend. I can dress as I like,I can talk like me and I can just be ME!!

There is no pressure from parents or a country where people die of competing. I'm blessed to have my hubby as my guardian and competition doesn't even figure in my book :)! Since I am my own competition today.

I so wish that someone would have told me in school not to take life as seriously as I did. I wish someone had told me at 16..that all would work out well...

For those of you out there, who might read this today. I have a small message. DON'T take life too seriously..its so not worth it. Make sure you smile as much as possible and invest in yourself unless you are as fortunate as me to get this second chance.. :)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

What if...

I have a question for everyone who reads today. What only had 365 days of your life left, starting today. What would all of you do differently. Would you..starting harder and work longer? Would you rather party harder..or go on that long cruise that you have always wanted to go to...? Would you love deeper and stronger..? Would you run and walk faster..walk like you have only those few days to go. Would you look inside your soul and smile wider...because you only have those precious moments remaining? What would you do?

The reason I ask this is because I feel that somehow in everyday life, we don't try to beat our own records on some days. Yes, I believe that everyday is the day for oneself, where no one except you or rather "me" in this case is the ultimate "rock star". Even as I battle those little snow fakes on my way to work or back, sometimes even hungry, I always tell myself..this is just the beginning to the starting of becoming my own rock star someday and in some place.

I have another theory too..that every day when I become a little too comfortable and look up to the sky and say:" Hey God, is that all you got"...he gives me more to think about and face. And that is just such a kick. There is never an end to beating yourself against all it the oddity or the craziness of any situation. It's all so worth it. So get up now and do it all, take all the risks you thought are meant for someone else.

Like Kurt Cobain puts it.."It's better to burn out than to fade away..."


Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year beginnings

Last evening was one of those dream sequence evenings which one wishes to share with all their loved ones. As my drunk group made its way up a little hill to watch all the fire works in the sky, it felt like we owned a little bit of the sky then and there. The beautiful lighting, the fire crackers, the snow and most importantly being with loving and cheerful friends made it all so worth it.

As I looked up at the sky, where the stars had been replaced by rockets and other fire works, I wished for just that one minute, that may be this year, I will have to shine in spirit just a little brighter. It'll be a year of immense learnings. I want to make sure that in a few months time, I'm able to perfect my German to a coherent level. Also, I want to find myself painting, reading, writing and thinking much more. Last year I could have never imagined myself taking keen interest in the politics in my country or about stepping out of a system and embracing another one. But since then, I've had a lot of learning and adjusting to do.

I also wish that all the most adorable people in my life continue to succeed in their lives and pass on the glitter as much as they can ;) . I wish that my most beloved place on earth, New Delhi, becomes more patient and safe. And I wish that I can get to see it again in the near future and paint it in my colors as always!

Most of all I wish I stay how I am only better at what I do..amen..

Happy New year everyone :)