Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being a Non-Foreigner in a foreign land

Hey I had to share these little stepping stones with you about my stint in Germany so far. I'm through my initial inhibition about this perfect environment that I live in today. As I spoke the first few sentences in Germany the past week or two, I realized, I am in no position to call myself a foreigner anymore.

Being the explorers that me and my hubby are, we have managed to travel extensively through out Stuttgart and a little bit of Germany. What is great about the transportation system here is that you can set your time by the buses, trains and trams. This is such a delight for someone like me who has spent the past 27 years travelling in personal transport and yet never being on time. Some how time has a different value in this country. People start their day 15 minutes earlier but leave their offices on time. They value "personal time" and do not entertain any work beyond working hours. Also, luckily for me, I've gained existence in to their "work" environment. I am no longer a house wife. And I take immense pride in the fact that I've been able to pave my way in to their economy.

Another small insight is that the Germans teach you "self-sustainment". Since service is more expensive than in our country, they encourage you to thrive on your simple skills and intelligence. Funny example, but my land lady just taught me how to hang linens in such a way so that ironing will never be an issue. Similarly, cleaning and cooking are not service driven. In fact I sometimes fear that I'm so used to this arrangement that I may never want to turn back on it.

And like I've said silence is something that you get used to. I think one has so much to see around including the beauty of Europe that you are anyway left speechless and spell bound.

I wish that someday in our country as well, no land is left barren or no transport system delayed. Till that time, I continue to look for answers in this picture perfect country. ( I know they have their own struggles but to me they are much smaller than the bigger issues we face back home.)

Monday, October 25, 2010

The magnificence of Autumn

I have to talk about the most beautiful transition in Europe : The month of Autumn. Everyday as I go about my daily routine, I happen to witness the magic of autumn. As I walk down the streets to my bus stop, I see the a sheet of white that now covers most of the cars, the grass, the fences and the benches along the road. The sheet of white is not the snow but its just the ice right now.

As the day proceeds and the sun rises above the clouds, this ice melts and gives a look of magnificence. It looks like diamonds have been splattered on the grass, the brown benches gleam like they are made out of gems and the leaves on the trees look like they are made of beaten gold. I wonder how humans could run after any other comforts when they look at this sight. I wonder how closely have people looked at it like they way I see it, and then music runs through my heart.

Is this what "Vivaldi" conveys about in his compositions in the "Four seasons". Is this what inspired him to compose this melody, was it inspired by the European Autumn? Is this what made "Sting" sing "Fields of Gold"? And if so, then in this lifetime will I be able to do the same justice to this majestic beauty as I see it. Is this the point when man bows down to eternal beauty and the truth. It is not what we can touch that is of value but sometimes just what we see. Tell me Monet, tell me Van Gogh, tell me did you get this view on a canvas? Will the rest of us only be able to frame it in our mind rather than create it on the next level.

And what else am I to want, when all I see is these leaves of gold and these benches of diamond? What else is there to live for if not this moment? And how do I get this in a composition, in a melody or on a canvas? Just how...??

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keep coming back

Hey all, its been such a long time since I wrote. I almost felt like I was lost in the woods but now I am back.
Its funny on how great I feel to be back in to my routine. Trust me no great holidaying or partying give me the same pleasure as being in a tough routine.

The past few weeks have been fun, basking in the last few streaks of sunlight in Stuttgart, drinking till dawn, travelling extensively but in all this jazz in my life, I somehow always seem to come back to a few things I love, my writing desk, my caffeine shots and my gym :).

Its amusing how we let ourselves indulge in not being ourselves and then just come back to being ourselves. Ok, sounds more like a tongue twister. But its true for me. I think I let myself drown in noise only to come back and enjoy the sounds of silence.

I'm not going to be writing much today except that there is something that I heard recently that I want you guys to share with me and update me about if there is more news on was about equal pensions and ranks.  Do share some stuff with me on it so I can get started on writing more.

Cheers till then!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Yeh hai India meri jaan

Its been a pleasure to see a turn in the events. I must say that though I stay in Germany, and I have been able to see some beautiful sports arena, the one in India looks like its up to global standards. There will always be glitches in our system, after all we remain a democracy, and as my husband puts it, there will always be free thinking in abundance. But, I think the Delhi government has put up a grand show, in-spite of having us put through all that mockery.

Another thing worth a mention is the verdict on the Ayodhya issue. As usual, the parties in our country will continue to voice their opinions and grievances, like I said, we are a democracy. We have the right to think and to express it just as I do here on my blogs. What's also worth a thought is that if everything in India were just half as perfect then may be like our parties, some of us also may cease to exist and find our livelihood. Which is pretty much my thought on what a lot of parties have to say today.

I somehow like the verdict. If a temple and a mosque can be built on the same grounds then may be our nation will somehow not see as many Tiger Menon, let's just put it that way. Also, there is no point in digging up the past. Come to think of it, how many times have you met someone, you really like and get to know and then ask them which religion do they believe in. And, then change your opinion about them. Really?? let's not get uncivilized here. I also wish that somehow the same stress can be put by the media on the government to resolve our Kashmir issue in the times to come.

I also want to thank a lot of people taking keen interest in my blogs lately. My sisters often mock me about writing about our country when I reside someplace else. Let me clarify I only seek enlightenment through my blogs. I don't expect any support of any kind here, if at all, only write about the facts and what you think about should be the change that we can all bring about.

I will again go missing for a while..till then...