Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keep coming back

Hey all, its been such a long time since I wrote. I almost felt like I was lost in the woods but now I am back.
Its funny on how great I feel to be back in to my routine. Trust me no great holidaying or partying give me the same pleasure as being in a tough routine.

The past few weeks have been fun, basking in the last few streaks of sunlight in Stuttgart, drinking till dawn, travelling extensively but in all this jazz in my life, I somehow always seem to come back to a few things I love, my writing desk, my caffeine shots and my gym :).

Its amusing how we let ourselves indulge in not being ourselves and then just come back to being ourselves. Ok, sounds more like a tongue twister. But its true for me. I think I let myself drown in noise only to come back and enjoy the sounds of silence.

I'm not going to be writing much today except that there is something that I heard recently that I want you guys to share with me and update me about if there is more news on was about equal pensions and ranks.  Do share some stuff with me on it so I can get started on writing more.

Cheers till then!!

1 comment:

  1. To correct you it was on the topic "One rank , one pension"

    If any one is aware of this fight which is being fought for more than 2 decades between the defence forces and India govt then share your views on it.

    The reason many might not be knowing about it is , as I mentioned its a protest from the most Disciplined people in India the ARMY!!