Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kiss-a Diet all fools in the world, I got trapped in to the kiss-a of a Diet, thanks to my one and only beloved sister. You see, she knows, I don't listen to most fools on the planet, except may be her( YES, I'm calling her a fool here too). Don't ask me how I got trapped. And just to let you know, I am NOT fat or OVER-THE-HILL. I regularly exercise and look damn NEAT! (I can be narcissistic, but if you know me, then you'll have to bear with that!)

So I want to tell you about how the story unfolds:-

Day 1: I was suppose to have only fruits, especially melons the first day of this great diet. F**k getting a melon, having fruits "on the go" was itself difficult enough(especially since I'm always on the move).This is what I remember of the first day ,since I almost fainted in to bed with the lack of salt in my body : choking and spitting on someone in a moving train,getting cramps( due to the lack of salt in my body) and stamping on peoples foot, almost falling off the bike in the gym and being a laughing stock! But I was determined to make it to the second day!!

Day 2: Yes this was the day the cramps were cured and I saw a little light in my life thanks to the salad and vegetable but suddenly the darkness unfolded as I felt a dip in my blood pressure, thanks to the lack of sugar in my body this time.( I was to be only on veggies u see). I was a MAD B***H to say the least, yeah screaming on my hubby and kicking around my clothes till I finally hit the wall and fell a sleep!! I was STILL determined to go on to a third day!!

Day 3: Well honestly, this was one of the easier days since it was a mix of vegetables and fruits. The only problem was that when I looked in to the mirror in the morning I looked like I was going to DIE!!(The lack of cereal in my body does that to me!) Well needless to say, I covered up with my fantastic make-up but as the day wore off, so did the make-up, and then arose...a ghost...creepy looking, sallow skinned...right in to my mirror!! I was STILL N I MEAN STILL determined to make it to the fourth day!!

Day 4: Today my friends happens to be my fourth day. I was suppose to be on Milk and bananas today. I had both school and work and trust me, I didn't get bananas or Milk on my way or in these places. I acted like a B**CH throughout the day. Yes, I wanted to SLAP everyone I came across today. I also felt a shiver in my nerves today ( Which WOKE me up). WOKE me up to F**K the diet!!!!!!!!!!

For all those who read this today. If you are dieting, I THINK U R A FOOL!! I haven't lost a kilo people after killing MBR MUST have fallen...all I've lost is my MIND. What I also realize is that..when I eat proper..I think better, look better and behave better...and these are the most important things to me. SO PEOPLE DO NOT EVER DIET!!

(P.S.: For all those who were the bearers of my bad mood, kindly excuse me, I'm drinking wine tonight and turning normal ;-))