Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kiss-a Diet all fools in the world, I got trapped in to the kiss-a of a Diet, thanks to my one and only beloved sister. You see, she knows, I don't listen to most fools on the planet, except may be her( YES, I'm calling her a fool here too). Don't ask me how I got trapped. And just to let you know, I am NOT fat or OVER-THE-HILL. I regularly exercise and look damn NEAT! (I can be narcissistic, but if you know me, then you'll have to bear with that!)

So I want to tell you about how the story unfolds:-

Day 1: I was suppose to have only fruits, especially melons the first day of this great diet. F**k getting a melon, having fruits "on the go" was itself difficult enough(especially since I'm always on the move).This is what I remember of the first day ,since I almost fainted in to bed with the lack of salt in my body : choking and spitting on someone in a moving train,getting cramps( due to the lack of salt in my body) and stamping on peoples foot, almost falling off the bike in the gym and being a laughing stock! But I was determined to make it to the second day!!

Day 2: Yes this was the day the cramps were cured and I saw a little light in my life thanks to the salad and vegetable but suddenly the darkness unfolded as I felt a dip in my blood pressure, thanks to the lack of sugar in my body this time.( I was to be only on veggies u see). I was a MAD B***H to say the least, yeah screaming on my hubby and kicking around my clothes till I finally hit the wall and fell a sleep!! I was STILL determined to go on to a third day!!

Day 3: Well honestly, this was one of the easier days since it was a mix of vegetables and fruits. The only problem was that when I looked in to the mirror in the morning I looked like I was going to DIE!!(The lack of cereal in my body does that to me!) Well needless to say, I covered up with my fantastic make-up but as the day wore off, so did the make-up, and then arose...a ghost...creepy looking, sallow skinned...right in to my mirror!! I was STILL N I MEAN STILL determined to make it to the fourth day!!

Day 4: Today my friends happens to be my fourth day. I was suppose to be on Milk and bananas today. I had both school and work and trust me, I didn't get bananas or Milk on my way or in these places. I acted like a B**CH throughout the day. Yes, I wanted to SLAP everyone I came across today. I also felt a shiver in my nerves today ( Which WOKE me up). WOKE me up to F**K the diet!!!!!!!!!!

For all those who read this today. If you are dieting, I THINK U R A FOOL!! I haven't lost a kilo people after killing MBR MUST have fallen...all I've lost is my MIND. What I also realize is that..when I eat proper..I think better, look better and behave better...and these are the most important things to me. SO PEOPLE DO NOT EVER DIET!!

(P.S.: For all those who were the bearers of my bad mood, kindly excuse me, I'm drinking wine tonight and turning normal ;-))


  1. hahaha... read the book called - Lose your weight and not your mind by Rujuta Diwekar. Awesome read (not linguistically)... if you plan to eat and still loose kilos..

  2. Das war sehr Lüstig! Ich habe alles verstanden, obwohl mein Englisch in einer Krise ist. Gott sei danke, du bist normal geworden ;) und weiter gegessen hast ;). Yasmin