Sunday, January 20, 2013

The bliss of the sunny winter mornings

There are very few days in Stuttgart in the winters, when you wake up to a beautiful sunny morning like today. The first rays of sunshine pouring down on the snow-capped roof tops, melting the snow in to a light falling stream of diamonds. The colors of the drops reflecting and refracting in to various shades of the rainbow.

One tends to drift in thoughts about the week ahead and the week gone by. I think about all the things I still have to do in my little time and my little life. May be write a book, put up an exhibition, participate in a marathon, the opportunities in life today seem countless.

I think about all the people, who have stood by me in a time of rough weather and now that the rough weather is almost through, what could I possibly give back to them, as a sign of my gratitude. I think about the materialism in the world, which has its short-lived joy and then I think about a long-term and life long reward. Could I return the joy in the world by imparting, what I have learnt all along my life, positivism. Could I teach them the skills that I acquired through my teachers? Should I continue to give back in the way that I find the easiest and most selfless : Teaching? I will still have to figure out which way can I combine what I have learnt and still have to learn to give back to life, the same way it gives to me each day and each morning.

While I figure out, what to do next in my life, I can enjoy for these little moments like today, the sunlight that falls on my face and thank life for giving me the little rays of hope. May the weeks ahead guide me on a path of self discovery and recovery. May my friends, family and loved ones receive every little joy that I receive in this life and in the glimmers of a sunny winter morning...Everything will be alright..


Saturday, January 12, 2013

The white wonder

It's a day like this in Stuttgart that makes you believe in the goodlife. The snow flakes covering the streets, each branch, smiling at you with its new found accessory, a little flake here, a little flake there. The rooftops beaming at you with their new found white beauty that they glow in under the white skies.

It's a day defined in white perfection. A day where friends should sit around a wooden table in Zimt und Zucker and drink a cup of warm hot chocolate, sharing the weeks laughter and joy. A day, where silence makes sounds at the charisma of  nature. As nature seduces me in to its purity and innocence, every hardship of the weeks seems to ease out of my veins bringing back fresh white light. Nothing could go wrong now in the white blanket of nature. Every little whisper from the trees ruffling with the snow flakes smothering them, seem to be calling out to me today to go out and sin in nature.

As I watch the white wonder by my window today, I can only wish happiness, love and joy to each one near and dear. This is definitely a page in the good life I sin in!

Cheers :-)