Monday, July 22, 2013

Sommerfest in Stuttgart and the samosa trail

Stuttgart will never cease to surprise me..the same city which lay barren at nights a few months now so looks like a midnight sinful carnival. The star-lit streets, the smell of different perfumes mixed with food and intoxicating.
On Friday as we decided to take a look at our favorite thirst quenching joints, we were met with a surprisingly full city..the usual guitar player playing 'everything's going to be alright'..the parakeet man, the violinist..the street dancers and street the first thing we did was to take a frozen cappuccino and sit on the stairs to get an overview of what's happening where..soon could hear the chant of what's on where. The Sommerfest, the screens, oddly dressed foreigners in an Indian the Indian film festival and the never ending music on the streets. As we paved our way to Palast, we were greeted by the BIG plastic elephant, a sign of the Indian film festival and as luck would have it, my friend just had to have an Indian samosa. It was such a home away from home feeling, drinking a beer at Palast and enjoying a samosa..OMG..absolutely Geile!(The Germans would say that now!)..From the way from Palast to the schlossplatz, we just couldn't ignore the lights from the old library building anymore. We had to stop by there, where the coolest of the coolest sit. It's such a different crowd there too, everyone sitting on the steps under the colorful lights enjoying the same view, enjoying the same music, some humming, some drumming, some silence, some words and the beer. Even under those colorful lights, we could enjoy the starlight. It's such a peaceful and beautiful feeling. Definitely a must try for the romantic! Luckily the S-bahns that day gave us a chance to romance more since they were all cancelled in to the

One would think that the adventure would end on a Friday night but it only got better and bigger on a Saturday night..the latin american bands played along their tunes, the crowds got louder and decided to dance on the Marktplatz! The food variety got bigger and bigger..from Columbia, Cuba, Romania, Ecuador, India, China..and you could name would almost be there..As usual my friend had the usual Samosa craving but guess what they ran out of it..which started with the next look for the Samosa in Stuttgart!..A trip through the schlossplatz, where people decided to jump in to the fountains, the Hans im Gl├╝ck thronging with people and back to the Palast! It's like all roads lead you to the pee-house, yes that's what Palast was or so I have heard...and guess what we found there..SAMOSA!..
It's always so interesting to find what all they could pack in to a small city like Stuttgart. I love the spirit of the city where you could be what you want to be and do what you would want to do (culturally ,creatively and constructively) could sing, dance, do a lil jig and no one would really mind :) The full-moon helped with the looniness of course!

Till next weekend..