Monday, December 31, 2012

Damini : Humanity lost in a population of billions

As I listened to the open, wild public outcry in our country about the violent rape case, it got me thinking, whether things would ever change for us or our women. It made me think of all the women that I so love and admire in my country.

One tends to only talk about the problems on the surface when they talk about aggressive behavior. The root cause of any kind of aggression, in any society stems from a kind of suppression. Aggression is the reaction to a suppression. In a metropolitan like Delhi, where there are high rise buildings, Audis, BMWs and Benz rolling on the street, there are also slums, where the water from the sewage overflows. The flip side to our big cars are the Rickshaw pullers on the streets. In a city, where there is so much disparity, how do we expect the downtrodden NOT to look our way with disgust. Why should someone not have the same standard of living as the other?

A lot of people talk about education and confuse it with a standard of living. Most of the workers/laborers in our country are also educated. A person with a bachelors degree in our country could either be holding a broom or be sitting in a clerical position or be in charge of a big-run family business, depending on the family, he or she is born in. Now, it is funny that someone should have a better standard of living, just because they are born to a certain income class of parents. What does the country, it's education system or its universities, do for such people? In my right frame of mind : Nothing.

We need an education system, which looks outside the books. That's been one of the biggest problems for years in our country, hasn't it? People seem to only follow books..religious books, science books, political books, psychological books...and more books. The needs of life, if you ask me, are quite simple: Clean food, water and a roof on the head. Unfortunately books alone cannot tell us how to sustain ourselves. Practical knowledge, experience and vocational training help. In a country supporting a population of a billion, it isn't possible for each one of us to be a lawyer/engineer or a doctor. If and only if there was a dignity of labour in our country and a little supervision of the distribution of wealth, may be a certain class of people could at least lead a life less miserable. This less miserable class if satisfied has a potential not to display the acts of aggression that we commonly ignore.

If some of us were to adopt a village, create facilities like water, food and shelter. If we could just impart the basic human dignity and equality amongst each other, which is humanity, I wonder if it would cease all the talks in the media and the bullshit that we are subject to?

I also question these huge demonstrations and discussions which are on right now. Is it that people really care, because if they do, then do we need masses to support an issue or just an individual with a gun to protect the honor of a woman? Or is it that we as a country have nothing better to do than to be on television and have our 5 minutes of worthless fame?

Women and men in our country need to protect their own honor and have their own vision. We need to build this society on a stronger foundation than just education, where money,status and fame needs to take a back seat for a while. We need to provide humanity in our society. How we can spread this humanity in a cancerously disillusioned society is the question?