Monday, December 5, 2016

Could LESS be MORE?

While walking by a coffee shop recently, I read the words "Less Hate". I wondered to myself why couldn't it be rephrased by a "More Love". "Less Hate" right as it may sound is still: negative; as the word "Less" seems to be a limitation to an expression rather than the pure display of it. If you said "More Love" opens up a world of freedom for me.

It is my observation that the media has made a "Hero" out of all the negativity around us. Being the bad guy quickly gets you attention because being the good guy normally takes a lot of time, patience and commitment. I often wonder: if we didn't know about so many "Hate crimes", how would we be able to carry them out? What if we knew more about the "Acts of Kindness, Love and generosity"?

Amidst the refugee crisis in Syria, Germany opened it's arms to more than a million refugees, naturally, it wasn't all met with pleasant greeting cards and sweet smelling garlands but they ran ads on TV showing how those refugees might or could be helping the system. Can we have a little more of those ads around the world?

Why do we see any kind of change or an addition in a system as a threat? Why do we presume a "more" as a potential danger? It is the "more" of a color, culture, idea and innovation that makes the world as vibrant and beautiful as it could be right?

How about if we knew how to survive with less and were to offer more to one another in the human society? Isn't that the difference between "us" evolved species?

The divide, for me, today is not between a "rich" and a "poor" is literally between a "more" and "less" lot. The people who want to give more, can live off less and take less from a system and offer more. A system, that today, only seems to fuel the divide by an unnecessary "Greed" to promote a "Kind" and not "To be". I feel there is only so much I could "use" today but there is so much more I could learn, see and explore. The "more" I see, travel, interact, the more I acquire in terms of my "Being" and the less I have a need to want.

May be the "More" is also a luxury. The luxury "To Be". The luxury to live and be and "fit in" anywhere. The luxury of being any gender, class, caste, color or race and being accepted. The luxury to do more and to be able to talk about it lesser.

I really hope that in the times to come the simple question of the "Could less be more?" be answered by itself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Social entrepreneurship

I don't really know how they came to classify this term. I can only find this logical explanation for the thinkers that they wanted to do something good for the society and let it be profitable enough to be called that.
In my times, living in Germany, working as a trainer, it means to help people fill forms and find a way to integrate into society while getting money from it from BAMF or a bigger organisation like Bosch or Daimler which still have a heart.
I'm not sure if one needs a college degree to help the society, however one does need a certain kind of exposure to run a business.
When business and goodwill do find an integration, that is the fulfillment or progress in the society that we live in today. In my head, it is achievable. The real question is, is the world ready to show that much compassion and passion.
Are you willing as an individual to give it your all regardless of the monetary comforts or the accolades. Are we ready as a business to embrace our human side?That is the question?
If every individual were to do that, wouldn't there be less conflict? Wouldn't there be more harmony? Are we willing for that? Yes, that is the answer to Forbes philanthropic societies and social entrepreneurship.
Can mankind ever exist in harmonic relations? 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Move with the mind

The mind is such a powerful tool. I wonder how many of us use it the right way. The mind can pretty much control the soul and the physical existence of us all.

Today as I went on one of the toughest and my first hike, I realised the power of the mind. There were times where my body felt so numb from the cold snow around, my feet froze and water entered my shoes (being a first time hiker, I made the mistake of going in my sport shoes and what an adventure that turned out to be!). I was at heights of 800 meters and on the edge of the slopes with the worst hiking attire ever but I think after a certain point, my mind calmed down, it got down my breathing to the basic minimums and I could just control the situation with some help of course. I had to tell myself at times that I have to make it and that I'm going back home tonight no matter what happens. I do an average brave although I'm very popular for being wild. But today was different, it made me think of how to explore this power that is a part of our existence.

I believe in the theory of attraction which has a lot to do with the mind attracting what the soul or the physical existence wants or needs, today I saw a new side of the mind: The survival and not quitting bit. I could have taken a cable car, turned around but just not to quit and keep going on. It definitely helps to have people around when you are going through it all too, people to tell you not to quit, keep going on at your own pace, call the people you love just in case you don't make it, and in the end make it. After making it all, the view, the pleasure, the feeling of being invincible only if for those moments, makes the journey all so worth it!

I've learnt something today, I'm going to turn to my mind more often from now on. It's my friend even when instincts fail.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scar and chance

It's a good thing not everyone has scars. Scars are a reminder of the long road you've travelled, they are somewhat like tattoos just not decided by you but the road you chose. They could be an adventure that backfired or just the plain stupidity of a plan. In my case it has been about going on a motorbike, which I couldn’t ride, or finding myself in intensive relationships, which I couldn't handle! Still worth it!

And then there are the scars that no one can really see; they are generally caused by the disappointment that others left you with. Mahavir preached 'Accept, don't expect', what he forgot to mention is that it is a part of being human to expect every now and then, when those expectations hit the lowest ground, it leaves a scar. Some deep, some shallow and some that leave no mark at all.

I often find myself wandering and tripping on my scars. The feeling of being hurt is often conquered by the feeling of achievement and that I was strong enough to withstand the change in tide.

It must be a damn boring life, not have taken chances or bear those scars, and yet I think if they could have been avoided? The conflicting thought is knowing that life is an ongoing mad adventure that keeps getting better and wilder and I can just hope it never stops.

Taking the chance, flying on your own turf is more exciting than living the life of a stone or a tree. If man was meant to be rooted on one ground and live there happily ever after, then man would be a tree or a stone at least stones can be thrown around ;)

As I prepare to take off for a trade fair, I think about how it was a chance, a right question and the right will to make business out of a pleasure trip!

Take the chance, take it today, the pay-offs are better than the road left behind. If you scar, enjoy it and let it remind you of how strong you really are!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Waiting on the internet!

After waiting on Ikea to get my furniture and then waiting for O2 to provide me with an internet connection, I can write a whole book on waiting. I'm just glad to be back in the world of surfers and what seems to become the real world: The virtual reality.

Have you noticed sitting in the train that no one really talks to each other anymore except the really really old people out there? Everyone is so hooked to their smart phones, it almost makes you feel like an outcast!I felt pretty odd having a good laugh with a friend on the train, everyone looked at us as though we were alien apes from another planet.  I can also tell you about a recent trip I had to a small village, where I found myself having such a good time, no there was no internet just data packets (:P)! Fine give me that, I'm not that old! I walked with my 60's companion in to the woods, got lost, had no network and guess what, we could still find our way out, apparently she could track the tractor tracks! I was pretty amazed. Also it seems, she didn't really need the "Accuweather" App because she almost always knew when it was going to rain by smelling something in the air, which thankfully our Apps are not equipped with! I could also enjoy the red wine, the food, the music and of course her company minus my cell going brr...brr..

I wonder if we all are just hooked on to our cell phones to look busy? I know we smokers smoke to look busy and of course killing the boredom of waiting and waiting... but I guess we're all so lonely that we almost need our gizmos like cocaine for an addict. The lonelier you are, the more you see online vomits. Well whatever it is, it is definitely a catching phenomenon. I'm not sure which side I'm on?Hmm..

I'm just so glad to finally have my internet connection and just connect my ipod, get new music, check out on books, movie, events and book my tickets and get out of here every once in a while! Amen to the internet!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

whiskey eyes

It's back to the writing board after a breath-taking break in Scotland. It's hard to imagine a place so untouched by human hand. Our first day in Scotland was all about exploring the place and taking in its the first day was pretty touristy after a 6 hour drive from london to Scotland. The music in the car was so peppy, it was hard to keep down our spirits...Rihanna played her famous "We found love" about 8 times...followed by David guetta..who helped us keep up the speed...

One of the first places, we saw was the jedenburgh castle welcoming us. The next day we took off to the Edinburgh castle, which was built in the year.....although u know I'm not really the castle types, so we saved up the money for the whiskey tour. As it turns out, there are 4 types of whiskies...highland...lowland...speyside and is apparently the highland types ;) which is vanilla...its funny how you can wear the smell that you like to drink..kinda weird...the whiskey tour also includes drinking and trying 4 types of whiskey including the whiskey type that you are...after a drunk tour and whiskey eyes..we explored the city with whiskey eyes...which included the pub we made local..the whitemann hart pub, the oldest pub in scotland since 1517....

the next day via the forth architectural wonder...was the st.andrews..the oldest golf course and the place of romance..oh yeah..kate middleton and prince william met here...the place has such a sweet and serene feel to it..the harbor in the corner...the greenery...the lil village...perfect and then heading off to a lil coffee shop for a carrot cake and can see its easy to fall in love here..not just with a person but the place itself...

the next day was the drive to the national park...via glasgow....we stopped by the loch lomond...the view is so breath-taking...with a tea-shop facing the oldest hydraulic power plant...the lake in the middle and surrounded by the little hills....the rain..washing away the ground...the sun coming out of the grey makes all songs till date so believable...the picture perfect....the drive..the music..the company...i had a thought too at that moment.."long journeys don't require conversations just good company..."

And on that note...we ended our drive with all the beautiful....

Monday, March 2, 2015

Yes..What if God was one of us?

Listening to Alanis Morisette asking this questions again and again, I had to answer her. I do think that there is a God that exists in all of us. Whether we address it or not, he’s just in us. He is most often seen when we perform acts of kindness and create any kind of art, music, or literature and just make this life worth living for ourselves or for someone else. I think he comes with a smile from one face to the other and sometimes as a hug too.

Every once in a while when I look up in to the skies with those bright stars shining their light in cloudless nights, it seems to suffice as a proof that beyond this life of ours exists this unknown beautiful and I could call it God (it could also just be science and I love science!Science is a form of God in my little world too!). And I think each of us has the ability to reach something deep and unknown in ourselves each day. I think it's that positive liberating feeling most days that's a reminder of the unknown magic. At times it could also be the darkness. I don’t think that darkness has to always last too long. It  mostly depends on what we do with our dark sides, whether we acknowledge our weaknesses and let them destroy us or we turn it in to a challenge and create a miracle out of it. I find my darkest side to be my loneliness and my not being able to accomplish all the colors and dreams that fill my brain each morning. But accepting my fears and that dark side has given me a chance to explore a new world, I let my colors come alive each day on paper and no I don’t feel that lonely anymore or let that feeling of unaccomplishment take over me.  I feel stronger each day and what I find is the God in people who help me believe in myself. The angels that guard me and let me explore my horizons are my Gods.

So, yes Alanis Moriseette , God is one of us. He is in the pure, beautiful and above all the kind and forgiving. As Oprah says he’s a live stream through your music and amen to your music for girls around the world who have had your jagged little pill. Amen to you.