Monday, March 2, 2015

Yes..What if God was one of us?

Listening to Alanis Morisette asking this questions again and again, I had to answer her. I do think that there is a God that exists in all of us. Whether we address it or not, he’s just in us. He is most often seen when we perform acts of kindness and create any kind of art, music, or literature and just make this life worth living for ourselves or for someone else. I think he comes with a smile from one face to the other and sometimes as a hug too.

Every once in a while when I look up in to the skies with those bright stars shining their light in cloudless nights, it seems to suffice as a proof that beyond this life of ours exists this unknown beautiful and I could call it God (it could also just be science and I love science!Science is a form of God in my little world too!). And I think each of us has the ability to reach something deep and unknown in ourselves each day. I think it's that positive liberating feeling most days that's a reminder of the unknown magic. At times it could also be the darkness. I don’t think that darkness has to always last too long. It  mostly depends on what we do with our dark sides, whether we acknowledge our weaknesses and let them destroy us or we turn it in to a challenge and create a miracle out of it. I find my darkest side to be my loneliness and my not being able to accomplish all the colors and dreams that fill my brain each morning. But accepting my fears and that dark side has given me a chance to explore a new world, I let my colors come alive each day on paper and no I don’t feel that lonely anymore or let that feeling of unaccomplishment take over me.  I feel stronger each day and what I find is the God in people who help me believe in myself. The angels that guard me and let me explore my horizons are my Gods.

So, yes Alanis Moriseette , God is one of us. He is in the pure, beautiful and above all the kind and forgiving. As Oprah says he’s a live stream through your music and amen to your music for girls around the world who have had your jagged little pill. Amen to you.

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