Wednesday, February 18, 2015


He said 'Meins' and till the time it remained to 'Meins', her world remained perfect. It meant he would take care of her and the world was her little wonder to play in. What I didn't get is the word meant by playing with someone else's rules and there is that problem I face with rules. Artists don't live by rules infact if it all, they make new ones by which the society abides, adheres and follows. Just by the way for those who don't know artists in my definition are creators and visionaries not just painters and musicians. You need the art to rise.

In a world of mergers and acquisitions, everyone should watch out for what really is theirs and what really never will be. So a Facebook bought a Whatsapp, so is Whatsapp a fools fantasy sure. Snapchat turned down the offer but is still making it work right. Guess why? It doesn't quite follow the 'Meins' philosophy. What I find amazing is that ownership of a company, individual and their potentials is a joke on paper and real life. In real life, the real mergers should be collaborative, symbiotic relationships which don't just work on a give and take but on realising real potentials and making a kill for the creative and passionate space. In the business world, it means one word: innovation. What no one could ever think off or believe in and you come create dreams for others to follow. When one tries to curb a spirit and ambition, one will only be met with the most ultimate disappointment in life.

Ownership has a new meaning in the world we live in today. You could only own, merge and combine what has the potential. Say you take someone else's debts and try to balance it with your own credits: Bad investment.

I guess I made many and now it's time to learn the new from the scratch. 'Meins' exists without limitations, compromises and control otherwise you're doing it wrong. Or so says my experience. Go defend. 

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