Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flying in the sky in 2011....

Each year it gives me great pleasure to talk about my new levels of madness, useless distress and adventures and the people that I meet and leave behind....

This year has been no different...some of the highlights of this year were:-
1.My tandem jump...being a bird is what I've always wished for...and I could be a bird for those 3-4 minutes...if only I could grow wings now...I'd do that all my in the skies..sigh...
2.My trip to Rome especially while reading an animated book which described the life that silly imagination making me travel through those times and those make-believe characters...I love Italy...the culture..the people...the tourists..the red wine and life : Have to be an Italian!!
3.Sissy and me in Paris...we grew up watching and reading about "Love and romance" in Paris....ok so nothing really happened there...but drinking by the Seine and talking about the unpredictabilities in life was the best I could do with her this year...our Amsterdam trip and the stuff we did...every day is precious with it's definitely a highlight crazy legendary's almost always fun to meet a friend who is crazier than you...the crazy night-out and sleepless nights...playing and losing word building...def. special ;)
5.Playing frisbee with my brother in Stuttgart...don't know why but  it's something that sticks out in my memory...going to Salzburg with him...doing naughty stuff and deciding to bond over petty much fun with someone 16 years younger to you..!
6.Meeting a lot of new people in India, in Germany and around the world...all this year...through German courses, internet, work, crazy and random drinking sessions with friends and strangers....
7.Trip to Scotland...the drive to loch Lochmond and the sights there were breath-taking...learning what type of Whiskey you are...pretty exotic I'd I'm a highland and I know it!
8.London is not Brit anymore...some parts are so'd be scratching your head and rubbing your eyes..wondering where you really are..but all in all people in London have a lot to smile and laugh has a contagious cheer to it....
9.Falling in love with autumn...something happened to me this autumn..I fell in love all over again and I painted...developed a new style of painting....feather in my cap :)
10.Winter never came! An acquaintance from Italy wished me sun and said he wishes I have only sunshine and no winter this year...and guess what...I've had no winter so cold...nothing...Oh boy!!Ok I do wish for snow now....I need to paint some winter...the autumn has got to go....
11.Learning and speaking the snob language: GERMAN! Yes, I can now converse in German and it is the BIGGEST achievement of this year.
12.Being in a country for 1.5 years, not speaking the language and not having a single friend or family member...leaving everything for love and coming to a strangely cold signing 4 contracts with 4 companies, speaking the language,having an Oma and friends...all in one years me I'm a fighter and a winner to me \m/ !!

What I learnt most importantly this year is that it is ok to have no control in your life and no's true when they say "Man proposes and God disposes"....I am a true believer in God, love, family, friends, religion,miracles, fairy tales and good the start of the year..I'd wanted nothing more than to squirm in to the Delhi soils...hide under my family quilts till someone could come and make everything the was "ME".....

This year...I have no plans except to beat every crazy record I have set for myself ;)

Cheers to individualism! Happy new year everyone!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh No William....(:0)!

While growing up I saw this cartoon movie on Star movies, it was shown every Valentine's was a story about two friends being in love with the same woman, cliched I know, the one with the looks ends up marrying her, the other one helps his friend life long writing ballads and poems for the same girl that he is in love with. After years the woman discovers that she has been in love with the same man but has experienced the grief of his death twice, once when her husband dies and the second time when her true lover dies.

Well, I somehow remember this story because of the concept of deep deception it stirred in my mind. I thought it to be so unfathomable and tragic. After seeing the movie Anonymous, I was left with the same feeling all over again. I felt so cheated and dismayed. I am one of those losers who has almost always fallen in for every word of William Shakespeare. I have read most of his poems, read them aloud to my lovers and just been in love with the man for years. The plot of the movie is just not about the name but also the person behind the writings. It disturbs me so much to think, that actually, it could have been a Lord created out of incest, who wrote those ballads for his mother, who was his lover now...that put the theories of Freud in to place too. Really was Freud's spirit also looming in the background of the Kingdom in Oxford.

Who knows what the reality is but I so wish I could be transported in to the chambers of Elizabeth's Kingdom. And I promise if I stepped in to the chambers, then I would steal Shakespeare or Lord Edward from her each time..

I think that all the prints of the movie should be burnt down, no one needs to ever find out that the man that they were in love with never existed or was just an impostor or a figment of someone else's imagination. It's just another one of my love stories gone so disastrously wrong!

For those who read this today, two minutes of silence ;)