Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Being a bird

I'm sure all of us have sometime or the other wished to be a bird. Nelly Furtado even claims to be one in the song "I'm like a bird"....I wonder if she did sky diving. Yes, I am shameless. My sky diving experience has filled me with more enthusiasm in life than I thought possible. One always tends to think about their limits in life. This experience has only made me think about the limitless options life and man has to offer.

You remember one of the X-men series in which one of the mutants grows wings and his dad tries to tell him its a disease and he needs a cure, needless to say, he flies by the end of it. It's pretty much the same in real life too, my mother just thought I'd gone bonkers wanting to spend a bomb to fly for 2 mins and 50 seconds. I thought otherwise and whoaaaa...I've done it!

I compared my entry to the last time I wrote on my B'day when I'd been in this country for only a month or two, I felt so lost and lonely.'s a different story. The bird has limitless skies and only a nest to go back to. In my case the nest is the sweet home, thanks to my partner.The skies continue to be limitless. I can wake up wearing a new cap everyday about what I want to be and it doesn't really matter as long as I know, I have that smile and satisfaction at day end. So, what does it for me these days is of-course my work-outs and teaching. Yes, learning a foreign language and then teaching yours to the foreigners is "My Karma" baby! It's an awesome feeling standing at a podium and seeing the results by the end of a three hour lecture, trust me pretty groooovy! And's flying makes me want to listen to Nelly Furtado..

For all those reading here...let your spirits soar and always know life has "No limits"... :)