Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can we do it in a day?

I wait for EOD tomorrow.

We were taught in management "The Poka yoke" model. We are aware of it. When you start to build a model, you lead no scope of error there. The Indian infrastructure, the bureaucracy, the hygiene is a far cry from it. How then do we make these amends in a day. But, we shall try.

What led us to think then that a weak foundation could hold up a huge structure and could support an ever increasing population on it? I wonder. The CWG's fate is yet to be seen. The point is that today if all of us do not gauge the strong learning we witness, then the consequences to our destiny are questionable.

I think we have a lot to learn and implement in our own lives today. If you don't care for your own country, then chances are that tomorrow each part of our country is under the threat that Kashmir faces today. I'm sorry to quote this today but US attacked Iraq with its rational/irrational thinking when its twin towers burnt to the ground. Forget the chaos and the lives it cost the innocent, it was a display of power. A display that suggested that whoever tried to mess with them would be brought to the ground. India has been so tolerant in all its undertakings. So much so that it has been unable to come with a direct verdict on the Ayodhya issue today. An issue that has been haunting us for over 6 decades now.

Why does only provocation lead to a suitable answer. Are we blind, dumb and deaf not to have learnt from our past. Why do we lack unity? Is it because our democracy has made us so comfortably numb? Where is the end to this despair? And again..where is my population of over a billion hiding? Where are the great minds being wasted? Where..??

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dedicated to my friend Ankur Sharma

Hi Ankur, I know you are smiling you're dimpled smile right this minute at the fact that you have compelled me to write about you. You know Ankur, I'd seen your blogs almost 2 years back and I'd taken the task of starting something on my own too. Today, as I browsed through to see what competition I still faced, I was appalled to know that you left me so far behind. I had often wondered, how you never seemed to have commented or debated on my thought process. Now, I know better.

I wonder is this what happens to genius? Or did you do your job much better than the rest of us here? Did you not want to see the mess in our country and help us take out a simple solution to these complex problems? Like we did throughout our studies.

I know you for 12 years now. I remember "our" friendship was purely based on you raising my self esteem. At a time, where most boys called me "ugly" and "stupid". You held my hand in the assembly grounds to raise my confidence. You often helped me with my studies and joked about how similar we were in spirit, though I really never ever matched up to your intellect or abilities. I remember our miserable fights and also how I could never turn down your charm and making up abilities. I remember how hard you tried for the IITs and when you couldn't make it there, you made it better by going to another IIT, Illinois Institute of Technology. At a time, where all of us struggled for salaries, you sat comfortably because of a gift, we lacked. All of us competed with you, But, you were beyond all that. You were absolute. You started your own organization and continued to excel and we all watched you in utmost awe. You always had a solution to every problem whether it was mathematical or life pertaining. How then did you decide to be omnipresent?

Ankur, I think, you some how compelled me to think about you today and may be you wanted me to know that some how you are always going to be there. I wish I could have another of our heated discussion, I wish you could tell me what to do with my life which seems to be ever-changing? May be you will, in my dreams.

I thought it was only possible for saints to be omni-present...if you've read this today..I hope you are proud of my writing abilities..and guess what, you were right..I didn't turn out "so ugly" or "dumb" as others thought I would..

Thank you for being a part of my life and the much needed inspiration..till we meet again my friend..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you share the shame?

Hey, so I'm back from all the holidaying on to my writing desk again which I also call as my thinking desk. I must tell you that since morning I had been living in my oblivious life but I just got enlightened about the events in my country in the evening.

I cannot tell you the pain and shame I felt after hearing about the falling of the bridge at the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium. Also, what added to my misery were the comments passed on by the CWG committee regarding the hygiene issue and the recklessness in the fall of the bridge. I also heard a comment which said it was not a big deal. How is it that it is not a big deal? Had one of the children of this guy been on this bridge, would he have said the same thing. Also, another blow was a young Kashmiri gentlemen describing the country as a body and Kashmir as one of the body parts which has been treated like a vestigial organ. It was baffling.

I also read the stray comments on Facebook talking about how people think that the CWG should fail. Are you guys serious? In a country of a billion, where intelligence and hard work is of no dearth, do you guys think that these remarks are of no significance. Has your intellect surpassed your EQ? Do you think about the hard work put in not by the government but by the laborers? Do you think about the miserable people who died because of dengue and not those of you whose family survived it? Do you think about your money, the money which had been taken from you by the government in taxes to make those roads and put up the infrastructure?
Do you even think about yourselves as Indian then or forget that even as human beings?

Where has the 1 billion population disappeared? Why is their no one who can get up and pick up the boulders? Why is there no one to lift this burden of shame? Where is the consciousness ? I'm guilty of it as much as you are. But you know what..I will not comment. I think we deserve this and much worse.

Unless every individual in our country doesn't rise up and see this as I do..we shall all share the burden. Try running away from it as much as you want today. But I'll tell you what it'll travel with you even in your sleep and may be till death. Its a shame we stood their and watched and did nothing. Its a rape of your own country by you. Share the shame and burn in it.

Think about it..and if any one of you has the courage which may be even I don't..then do something..don't just talk..everyone is talking anyway..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wash out at Venice

Hey, as promised I had to describe one of the little heavens on earth, Venice to you guys. Well, unfortunately the  little heaven was quite the opposite for me since it was a dull and rainy day. Well, I'll have to make a slight correction when I said I was a water baby, I am a water baby only on sunny days I guess.

Our journey started pretty much at 6.30 in the morning when we boarded our bus for Venice. The bus takes you along the northern part of Rimini, which is quite a popular place in terms of the  discos. Needless to say, I couldn't visit any of these because I was on a detox week with my mom. But as you leave the land behind, you take a boat ride in to the lagoon. Unfortunately for us, the weather was so rough, that most of us were advised to be seated inside. I wish it were a sunnier day but then I'm so sure, that my affair with Italy has just begin. The boat ride is a real pleasure if you have good company. There are beer, wine, coffee and other options on board which makes the ride a little smoother. As you get closer to the city, you notice ships and boats and needless to say, the 118 islands on which the city of Venice is built on. It's a man made miracle to say the least. The city boasts of incredible architecture and the history that goes with it. Venice has been a part of Italy only since 1866 so it has a vast history which I will not bore you with here. Lucky for us that our tour guide has been an ex-professor of economics and philosophy, so he gave me the solutions to a couple of problems which I will discuss with you after I've thoroughly thought about them. Also, what is amazing is the fashion outlets in the "gallis". Its a "Chandni chowk" which boasts of Gucci, Chanel, Ferrari and other brand outlets. Metals like gold and silver have been beaten in to jewelry which are exquisite and by far the best I've seen so far.

The glass factory is another place which is a must see. There is a small demonstration on how the glass is blown in to various forms and it is a sheer pleasure to the eye. The Venetian masks are a thing to watch for, they are typically worn during the Carnevale, carnival of venice, but have been used on many other occasions in the past, usually as a device for hiding the wearer's identity and social status. 

There is so much to see in this wonderful city that I don't think a day of my description is enough. It is also no wonder then that Antonio Vivaldi, was from this city. He was a priest who was one the greatest baroque composers of all time. My boat was incidentally called "Vivaldi" too.

You know I could go on and on but I'd still not be done. If you get a chance or you have a bucket list like I do, do visit Venice. I'm so sure I'm not done there. I'll be going there again and again. Let me know if you're ready to fall in love, and if you are let it be with Venice!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

"Miss you" Notes

I've stayed in Rimini for almost a week now and I'll be leaving the city within the next two days. It feels so strange to move from a city which has so much to offer. The beautiful sunshine, the beaches, the market places and most importantly the very warm people.

In a span of a week of spending my time on the streets and beaches, I've managed to make a few acquaintances. Since Rimini is so small and such a touristy location, in a week's time almost the entire city familiarizes itself to you. People know what you like to drink and eat and when to expect you. I was pleasantly surprised by the people by the umbrellas expecting me to show up yesterday as though I'd lived my whole life there.

Also, all said and done I've realized I'll always love the beach more than the mountains. There is no greater feeling than walking in the sand bare feet or lying in a shade watching the sea. In the evening time as the sun starts to descend on all the buildings on one side and the water starts to change color, its time for the night life to begin. You will see all the hawkers spread out junk jewelry or random nothings only at night time. It is also the time , the pedestal and the side walks are buzzing with activity,tourists trying out sea food, music playing in the background and  people having a good time. There is not a single frown line on all these people enjoying in this little paradise. As you walk along the coast-line, you come across the harbor, where you can see ships docking at night. The moon light falling over the Adriatic sea while the ships dock is another sight beyond imagination.

Well, so much for being "in love" with a place. Unfortunately, since places are not like people, who you can convey a "miss you" to, I would just like to write about my experience as a "Miss you" note.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little tour of Rimini through my eyes

Well this had to be written since I've had the privilege of being here and exploring a lot of Rimini with my mom and by myself. The Italians are a class apart. And I don't mean in terms of their style or just their looks, its about their utterly warm and romantic nature.

The coast line of Rimini is bustling with life. Its an experience just to sit here all day long and watch people. You find the usual lovers romancing, then you see the group of retired people living it up at 70, you see the usual vacationers and then you see creators. Yes, the creators of little sand castles, the kites, the balloons and all the other colorful little things that make you smile. It is also no wonder then that most of the great painters come from Italy, the likes of Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. This place oozes with life and creativity.

On the practical side of things, if one is worried about the monetary aspect, this place works out quite economical too. The hotels here would cost you from anywhere from 40-100 euros a day. Food works out just as well since you have an option to either shop from their supermarket "Billa" or sit out at the fancy restaurants along the pedestal. The pizzas come from Italy so I will so no more about the food. Shopping is an undisputed pleasure here, since they have stuff from the world over. So, you can buy colorful clothes from China to the leather from Italy. Its a delight for people who starve for branded clothes, since San Marino, which happens to be a 3 hr and 8 euro bus journey from here, is a completely tax free country.

Other attractions of Rimini would include the Dolphin aquarium and the mini tours within the city. Also, places like Venice, Rome and Florence are just bus rides away.

I'm still to explore Venice, but I promise I shall write about it too.  Till then I shall soak the sun right here on the lovely beaches in Rimini.

Cheers!! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A cult called "The batch of '82"

I've obviously had a lot of time to think. Yes, whether I'm sitting on the beach reading my Ayn Rand novel
or walking on the sands of Italy, I often wonder why can't I have the same peace and undisturbed environment in my own country today? Where did all the serenity go when we were trying to build our own nation? Did we all get lost in just making a living that somehow some of us forgot, that living is to indulge in what we create?

I had this discussion last night with my mom, where we spoke about a plethora of solutions for our country. My mom has enough scientific knowledge to back me up on the fact that there is a lot of great work that is happening right this minute in the field of research. Why is it then, that the same knowledge only sees the light of the day once it is approved in an international forum?

I somehow believe, that the answer to our questions lie in the cult which was born in the year of '82. I believe
that some of the people I knew under this year are going to make "The Revolution". Its so sad that most of us
today are just trying so hard to fit in. We are figuring out our place in society. The batch of '82, I'll term as a cult, because they see the change, they like the change, but they are constantly thinking about what this change is all about. We were born to see the color Television, we saw the communication turn from snail mail to email and today to the mobile mail. We saw a Delhi without the AIMS flyover and now the flyover and now the flyover plus the work still in progress. But can we all sit back and overlook the deep corruption that has such strong undercurrents in this progression?

Which of us will rise from this? I don't think that anyone will be able to stand alone and change our country today. But a thought often amuses me..What if..just what if..say the batch of '82 that I knew, the one with all the intelligence and utter rebellion in place..form a pact. A pact based on understanding that one by one..we form a strong chain based on shameless selfishness. Selfishness to make our country worthy of us today. We combine "our" lives to join hands..over throw this corruption and work towards a pure greed towards our make it better and to make it worthwhile for us to do our job here and not have to leave it in search of greener pastures. What if we were to create it for just oursleves??

I wait for that time..

Till then let's all do what we do..find our feet on the ground..

Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Fantastic ways to cheer up :)

A couple of weeks back I was really low and out because my sister had to cancel her trip here last minute. As I sat down completely clueless as to how to vent out my frustration and overcome my depression, I started googling about these various websites on how to cheer yourself up. I know it sounds hilarious and a little crazy but I gave it a shot, like I've mentioned before I cannot dwell in a morbid existence.

But what I found was the usual crap, which I knew wasn't going to help me. So, today I'm going to give you my own tips.

Here are some things that have helped me keep up-beat recently:-

1.Talk to your best buddies..and don't just talk...bitch and bitch and bitch till they die with boredom. This will cheer you up tremendously since you've actually vented it all out and bored someone to death!

2.Buy yourself happiness. And never with your own money! MAX out your mom's, dad's,best friend's, boyfriend's or husband's card. So that they can all share your misery..why not..when you are glum..there is no reason for your loved ones to have any peace or happiness.

3.Dress up your best. Almost always dress up like your going for a movie shoot. You never know, in all your misery, you might actually catch the eye of a well-known director and you might just land yourself next to James Bond. Who knows??

4.Drink. Drink to almost kill yourself or at-least make yourself sick. When you are can't really concentrate on why you were miserable in the first place.

5.Don't do any household chores. Sit pretty, file your nails and let the mess "be". That way when you finally look'll have too many things to do rather than sulk.

6.Put on heavy like a'll definitely get a ticket or two..or even get stopped by the cops..when you are in deep "shit"..will you ever worry about sadness..seriously??

7.And if all of the above still don't help you.( Though they are quiete fool proof) then just try slapping yourself..coz you've already given enough troubles to the world with all of the above..

Hope you find this useful. Just by the way I stopped after no.5!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The single bullet theory

Hey i stumbled upon this theory while reading a Michael Connelly novel today. The single-bullet theory states that "You can fall in love and make love many times but there is only one bullet with your name etched on the side. And if you are lucky enough to be shot with that bullet then the wound never heals."

Well, I am a huge romantic but the bullet angle just made me grin so wide, I had to put it here. You see, I can draw so many similes here. Like the fact that for my hubby and me, the only true love we knew before coming across each other was for his "bullet" literally and for me, my car. And so unfortunately according to this single-bullet theory, he already has a bullet etched on his arm and well I have other things etched. And our wound..well we don't believe in pain but if you talk about a longing angle..will always be our rides! Damn..there goes "our" romance. ;)

Ok, I don't mean to offend the writer here at all, over all the book scores a 10 on the addictiveness, but the single-bullet theory is a "lil" haha..for me..

I think my love for power supersedes any other emotion I own. And for me power comes with two things: Money and a super sexy ride like "Slash". Once I had the two...I was free to rise in other emotions as well. So, that's my double bullet theory. (:P)!

To be honest in today's day and age, I really want to know..would you rather have a whirlwind romance or power? Somehow for me the power paved a smoother way for romance than the other way around. Think about it..and do share your theories..I'm really interested ;)


(P.S. That's my SEXY ride...!)