Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little tour of Rimini through my eyes

Well this had to be written since I've had the privilege of being here and exploring a lot of Rimini with my mom and by myself. The Italians are a class apart. And I don't mean in terms of their style or just their looks, its about their utterly warm and romantic nature.

The coast line of Rimini is bustling with life. Its an experience just to sit here all day long and watch people. You find the usual lovers romancing, then you see the group of retired people living it up at 70, you see the usual vacationers and then you see creators. Yes, the creators of little sand castles, the kites, the balloons and all the other colorful little things that make you smile. It is also no wonder then that most of the great painters come from Italy, the likes of Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. This place oozes with life and creativity.

On the practical side of things, if one is worried about the monetary aspect, this place works out quite economical too. The hotels here would cost you from anywhere from 40-100 euros a day. Food works out just as well since you have an option to either shop from their supermarket "Billa" or sit out at the fancy restaurants along the pedestal. The pizzas come from Italy so I will so no more about the food. Shopping is an undisputed pleasure here, since they have stuff from the world over. So, you can buy colorful clothes from China to the leather from Italy. Its a delight for people who starve for branded clothes, since San Marino, which happens to be a 3 hr and 8 euro bus journey from here, is a completely tax free country.

Other attractions of Rimini would include the Dolphin aquarium and the mini tours within the city. Also, places like Venice, Rome and Florence are just bus rides away.

I'm still to explore Venice, but I promise I shall write about it too.  Till then I shall soak the sun right here on the lovely beaches in Rimini.

Cheers!! :)

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