Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 WTF Moment in a day's work!!

After a lifetime stroke of being passive (which by a personality typ, I don't really fit in to, and have been for the past 2-3 months), I really felt a gush of MADNESS, which I FINALLY couldn't contain!! It's amazing how a good argument or a kick ass fight can really rev me up and bring me to myself.

1. The first WTF moment case came as an argument about whether people should live without a registered marriage or not. To be honest, its such a bullshit topic and frankly speaking I don't care a damn about what people do with their lives but since I was bound to talk and that too in German, I must tell you that a lot of unmarried people had to say that married couples lose their freedom, their right to work and right to choose who and on what they want to spend their time on.!!WTF
(Case in Example to clarify: THE INDIAN WOMEN!! Come on man I feel like I live in a F**king village, I want to go back to NEW DELHI NOW and may be FOREVER!!)

2. Second WTF moment, I was told by my 3 adorable dorfy teachers that 'Women in Germany earn lesser than men" ...SERIOUSLY WTF!!
(Case to clarify: Thank God I'm a little literate so I threw their facts at them: Angela Merkel is their vice chancellor, they have 7 out of 10 women who work here and after the world war, the whole of Germany was re-constructed by the GERMAN WOMEN...come on man...WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE IFA!!)

3. Third WTF moment, Darling Vodafone couldn't keep up their 7th appointment with us. OFCOURCE they couldn't, their lazy asses must have been tied around behind the little pug that they advertise...MAN WTF!

4.Beautiful WTF moment..the company that I had a class with today couldn't really have a class today why because they didn't have enough rooms, chairs and tables...2 grown up men, the size of a dinosaur had that for an excuse...really WTF!!

5.The FINAL WTF moment...a darling of a friend fighting with me over fidelity issues...when both of us don't really give a damn about it....SO WTF!!

After that I just had to go to the gym...had no option left...had to vent out all the steam on the poor cardio machines but it was so worth it coz I can look back at a wonderful and memorable WTF day!! Please do share in your inputs on the same. Would love to hear anything....