Monday, December 5, 2016

Could LESS be MORE?

While walking by a coffee shop recently, I read the words "Less Hate". I wondered to myself why couldn't it be rephrased by a "More Love". "Less Hate" right as it may sound is still: negative; as the word "Less" seems to be a limitation to an expression rather than the pure display of it. If you said "More Love" opens up a world of freedom for me.

It is my observation that the media has made a "Hero" out of all the negativity around us. Being the bad guy quickly gets you attention because being the good guy normally takes a lot of time, patience and commitment. I often wonder: if we didn't know about so many "Hate crimes", how would we be able to carry them out? What if we knew more about the "Acts of Kindness, Love and generosity"?

Amidst the refugee crisis in Syria, Germany opened it's arms to more than a million refugees, naturally, it wasn't all met with pleasant greeting cards and sweet smelling garlands but they ran ads on TV showing how those refugees might or could be helping the system. Can we have a little more of those ads around the world?

Why do we see any kind of change or an addition in a system as a threat? Why do we presume a "more" as a potential danger? It is the "more" of a color, culture, idea and innovation that makes the world as vibrant and beautiful as it could be right?

How about if we knew how to survive with less and were to offer more to one another in the human society? Isn't that the difference between "us" evolved species?

The divide, for me, today is not between a "rich" and a "poor" is literally between a "more" and "less" lot. The people who want to give more, can live off less and take less from a system and offer more. A system, that today, only seems to fuel the divide by an unnecessary "Greed" to promote a "Kind" and not "To be". I feel there is only so much I could "use" today but there is so much more I could learn, see and explore. The "more" I see, travel, interact, the more I acquire in terms of my "Being" and the less I have a need to want.

May be the "More" is also a luxury. The luxury "To Be". The luxury to live and be and "fit in" anywhere. The luxury of being any gender, class, caste, color or race and being accepted. The luxury to do more and to be able to talk about it lesser.

I really hope that in the times to come the simple question of the "Could less be more?" be answered by itself.