Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Singing the tree's silent symphony

After watching the final episode of Satyamev Jayate, something inside me is so disturbed and perturbed. As I look outside my window as usual, a thought crosses my mind. The trees never seem to encroach the space of the shrubs. The grass never unroots the plants that grow on it. There seems to be enough water and enough nutrients for all of them to survive in plain harmony..why then can't we learn from them all.

Why does one have to live in a spectrum, when one human has to have more than the other. Aren't we all born the same way, we continue to breath the same way, eat the same way, walk the same way, yet we want to have more than the other. And this feeling of greed tends to dismount the prefect balance of nature. In the last episode of Satyamev Jayate, they talked about how hungry people on the streets of India were fighting like the dogs next to them. When it comes to water supply lines, the story is no different. While we drink free water in pubs and restaurants, the rivers, which flow from the villages, actually leaves the villages devoid of water. We continue to take what doesn't belong to us without feeling the guilt. Why? When did we become so in-human? Was it the society that made us this way or is it just our ignorance? What can we do and for how long till we can correct the balance of nature? Or will we just get a nasty slap from nature to make it all better?

I often wonder if I were to start, where do I even start? Where does an average person, who admits to his ignorance began to correct it all? It's such a huge dilemma.

When I see the way the west makes an effort to preserve nature, I'm enlightened and sympathetic for the people back home. We make efforts to preserve our jobs and just make a living back home. The mindset is so drilled and the system so tough to crack, it almost makes even planting a sapling look like a mountainous task. Where then do we begin? And how?

A part of me doesn't want an opportunity to knock on my door, I want to be pro-active. But just how? And that is the question. Help me here, whoever reads in today....