Saturday, November 20, 2010


Do you notice the changes that you go through every six months? The surroundings, the developments, situations..??

Well, I've been through some drastic ones in the recent weeks too, so I thought I'd pen them down and draw some humor from them :)

Every time I miss an aspect of my life now..I try and see how I can cope up with it. Well for starters..the language, "I am.." has been replaced by "Ich bin..". A simple "sorry" has been replaced by a gigantic word "Entschuldigung" and a please by a "bitte"...So I guess compared to most of you who are reading this, its been slightly 
different. These are still the smaller changes. The "worth mentioning" changes are that my daily dose of caffeine has
been replaced by green tea. (Yeah, all in an attempt to get rid of the "bad" fat I gained through all the beer )
The diet sodas have been replaced by just plain glasses of water. The binge eating had to be stopped. The high
at a pub has been replaced by the adrenalin rush in a fitness studio. The beer..well lets not get that far..I've just taken 
a small break..but I cheat sometimes.All this in attempt to get back to my gorgeous self ;)

The other aspects worth mentioning is that MTV has now been taken over by NDTV Live. It was mostly to 
kill the silence at home but now I find myself addicted to the outer world. My past statements "Oh, I don't care
about politics", seems rather lame! Hmm..I wonder how many of you have seen this transition in the past couple
of months. The 10 questions raised to PM by the BJP seem to haunt me as well. What's going on? All my petty
talk seems to have been dumbed out by the constant rally of thoughts in my head. I don't know if it has to do
with the age or just the situations that I am faced with : No company and lots of time.

This hasn't killed the girl in me though. The shopping at Sarojini Nagar, where you'd find me on a Saturday has merely
led me to the streets of Konigstrasse, where H&M is! 

So, as life continues to change around me and with me. It makes me smile. There are still some nightmares where I continue
to battle my past horrors but the day lights brightens my day.

Have a great weekend guys..


Monday, November 15, 2010

Eyes are merely coloured liquid in a glass...

Yes, I read this line today and it made me think of what might the author of the novel I'm reading have in mind. I wondered if he meant something about our existence and then the lack of it when we are gone. There are so many theories one could derive from it. May be you could too and then share it with me.

Well, the way I look at "eyes" is not as if they are just merely coloured liquids rather to me they are cameras. (Well, being a science student, one tends to be more inclined towards logic than philosophy) Eyes are like those hidden cameras which capture memories both good and ugly.

While I was on a walk yesterday afternoon, I had a chance to sit by this stream and close my eyes. As I closed them I remembered each and every moment I spent with my sister. I remembered our fights about getting up in the morning, dressing up, me dropping her and her best buddy to Rajiv Chowk.( Of-course it had everything to do with the song that I was listening to from "Dostana"). My cameras had captured those moments and framed them for me.

Similarly, they had also captured incidents from the past which may be drove me so far away from my country. I could remember the frustration on a lot of useless days spent at my job, I remembered the traffic jams. I remember the faces of the despaired kids at the streets.

All this data simulated in the brain but only after being seized by my eyes. So, to me, my eyes are the windows and doors to my brain and may be not just colored liquid in a glass. (I'm sorry to bust the author here)

I also find something else very interesting..when people say they fell for someones eyes. To me that is rather archaic too..its not the eyes but the vision that is worth being in love with....think about it..

So much for a single line said by some author who claims to be the "messenger of God"...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lonely planet

Hey people, I know I haven't been writing at all these days and may be a part of the reason is that I'm beyond being myself. Yeah, the cheerful Shuchi like from the happy dog in friends has turned in to a sulking puppy. (Check out all the episodes of friends to know what I'm talking about). Mostly its the festive season which has driven me so HOME SICK now. I JUST WANNA GO HOME!!

And yeah I don't have many peppy things to share with you. My undying enthusiasm for parties, pretty dresses and beautiful people has some how been replaced by this monotone which is so unlike me. Also I feel my company lately has been with very serious and dull people. So, somehow I'm sucked in to a bad dark black hole. And my usual dramas and bursts of craziness has been put to a mortifying silence.

Hmm..almost sounds like I just planned my own funeral. Well..not quite since I'm going home in 2 weeks from now. And I'll blend in to the rowdy Delhi soon. Hopefully my sister and her bunch will help me regain my madness!!

Although before I sign off..I must add a little incident which kind of proves that I am far from being dull..I almost burnt my kitchen yesterday. Yes, in an attempt to make a toast, my oven caught fire after which I tried to cease it with water. Naturally it started to spark and then it occurred to me that I should plug out the main switch. Well, after all that I did kind of call up my hubby and threaten him with something( I can't mention it here). Also, I think I hung up telling him that it was all his fault and that he should never leave me alone with cooking and stupid housework. I also had a good cry over the internet with my sister(God bless her for putting up with it in retrospect). All this made me realize that well there is still HOPE for me in this lonely planet!!(Don't ask me how it gave me HOPE, it just DID)!

Hey people..thanks for getting me back here. Make a festive effort to keep me going here please. Show me some lowwwvee..I need it!!