Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lonely planet

Hey people, I know I haven't been writing at all these days and may be a part of the reason is that I'm beyond being myself. Yeah, the cheerful Shuchi like from the happy dog in friends has turned in to a sulking puppy. (Check out all the episodes of friends to know what I'm talking about). Mostly its the festive season which has driven me so HOME SICK now. I JUST WANNA GO HOME!!

And yeah I don't have many peppy things to share with you. My undying enthusiasm for parties, pretty dresses and beautiful people has some how been replaced by this monotone which is so unlike me. Also I feel my company lately has been with very serious and dull people. So, somehow I'm sucked in to a bad dark black hole. And my usual dramas and bursts of craziness has been put to a mortifying silence.

Hmm..almost sounds like I just planned my own funeral. Well..not quite since I'm going home in 2 weeks from now. And I'll blend in to the rowdy Delhi soon. Hopefully my sister and her bunch will help me regain my madness!!

Although before I sign off..I must add a little incident which kind of proves that I am far from being dull..I almost burnt my kitchen yesterday. Yes, in an attempt to make a toast, my oven caught fire after which I tried to cease it with water. Naturally it started to spark and then it occurred to me that I should plug out the main switch. Well, after all that I did kind of call up my hubby and threaten him with something( I can't mention it here). Also, I think I hung up telling him that it was all his fault and that he should never leave me alone with cooking and stupid housework. I also had a good cry over the internet with my sister(God bless her for putting up with it in retrospect). All this made me realize that well there is still HOPE for me in this lonely planet!!(Don't ask me how it gave me HOPE, it just DID)!

Hey people..thanks for getting me back here. Make a festive effort to keep me going here please. Show me some lowwwvee..I need it!!



  1. babe..ur an Electronics engineer right!! lol...i hope the fire wasn't too serious..

    tke cre and com bak soon...


  2. By the time I read this, I'm sure, its already less than 2 weeks to go! Forget all else, start shopping for Shaivi.. will help you spend time well and get her extra happy too! :)
    Take care and good luck!
    and yes.. keep writing(walking)!

  3. @Shailja: Yeah babe I'm a crazy educated woman :P! I'll see you in Dec and thanks for reading.
    @Let the...: U r damn right..starting next week, the shopping starts and yeah the writing and walking will continue..I forgot how well u knew me ;)