Monday, November 15, 2010

Eyes are merely coloured liquid in a glass...

Yes, I read this line today and it made me think of what might the author of the novel I'm reading have in mind. I wondered if he meant something about our existence and then the lack of it when we are gone. There are so many theories one could derive from it. May be you could too and then share it with me.

Well, the way I look at "eyes" is not as if they are just merely coloured liquids rather to me they are cameras. (Well, being a science student, one tends to be more inclined towards logic than philosophy) Eyes are like those hidden cameras which capture memories both good and ugly.

While I was on a walk yesterday afternoon, I had a chance to sit by this stream and close my eyes. As I closed them I remembered each and every moment I spent with my sister. I remembered our fights about getting up in the morning, dressing up, me dropping her and her best buddy to Rajiv Chowk.( Of-course it had everything to do with the song that I was listening to from "Dostana"). My cameras had captured those moments and framed them for me.

Similarly, they had also captured incidents from the past which may be drove me so far away from my country. I could remember the frustration on a lot of useless days spent at my job, I remembered the traffic jams. I remember the faces of the despaired kids at the streets.

All this data simulated in the brain but only after being seized by my eyes. So, to me, my eyes are the windows and doors to my brain and may be not just colored liquid in a glass. (I'm sorry to bust the author here)

I also find something else very interesting..when people say they fell for someones eyes. To me that is rather archaic too..its not the eyes but the vision that is worth being in love with....think about it..

So much for a single line said by some author who claims to be the "messenger of God"...


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  1. and now just think of those who are born blind....those who lost their eyes somewhere in due course of life still have some pictures... those who never saw the colours.... what wiould their memories be like??:(