Monday, May 25, 2015

Move with the mind

The mind is such a powerful tool. I wonder how many of us use it the right way. The mind can pretty much control the soul and the physical existence of us all.

Today as I went on one of the toughest and my first hike, I realised the power of the mind. There were times where my body felt so numb from the cold snow around, my feet froze and water entered my shoes (being a first time hiker, I made the mistake of going in my sport shoes and what an adventure that turned out to be!). I was at heights of 800 meters and on the edge of the slopes with the worst hiking attire ever but I think after a certain point, my mind calmed down, it got down my breathing to the basic minimums and I could just control the situation with some help of course. I had to tell myself at times that I have to make it and that I'm going back home tonight no matter what happens. I do an average brave although I'm very popular for being wild. But today was different, it made me think of how to explore this power that is a part of our existence.

I believe in the theory of attraction which has a lot to do with the mind attracting what the soul or the physical existence wants or needs, today I saw a new side of the mind: The survival and not quitting bit. I could have taken a cable car, turned around but just not to quit and keep going on. It definitely helps to have people around when you are going through it all too, people to tell you not to quit, keep going on at your own pace, call the people you love just in case you don't make it, and in the end make it. After making it all, the view, the pleasure, the feeling of being invincible only if for those moments, makes the journey all so worth it!

I've learnt something today, I'm going to turn to my mind more often from now on. It's my friend even when instincts fail.