Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beer Vs Wine : A Bottling perspective!!!!!

Every time I see that can of Beer or that Beer bottle, I can't help but find it sooooooo cool. It's so great when the whole Entourage team gets together after a blast from the past and holds on to those bottles while making a toast. So coool!! I think the love for Beer has more to do with how it is marketed in those green or brown bottles followed by those oh so desirable cans. Ever wondered why wine didn't follow pursuit?

Imagine a sweaty Vin Diesel coming after his victory in one of those fancy fast and the furious races and fetching a bottle of wine and two wine glasses.......crunchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....!! Death of his career and fan following. What is it with bad boys and girls always posing with the Beer man!! Why does it tempt me so much and why does it just seem way cooooler than a wine?????

I think it has to do with the bottling!!!! I know wine has its 11-15% alcohol content and I don't know how it would be possible for the manufacturers to bottle it in to a Beer bottle.But they do have Breezers now...which are cold drinks really so why not just have wine with some mixed elements(I really don't know what)???? Just a thought. I think it would be rather interesting. Wine is always considered the drink of the classy, snoots and frankly speaking the tight assed. (Although I myself have acquired a taste for it to avoid the beer belly...) I would find it so much cooler to drink from a can or bottles like the handsome Coronas/Becks/Tuborgs or the Kingfishers.......

I find it rather annoying that men should have all the fun with Beer in its Oh-SO hot bottling and cans while the ladies should sip in their Oh-so prim glasses. Frankly speaking from a guy's or a girl's perspective, we would probably start a conversation with a Beer chick than a Wine chick??

Why do we have the term "Beer buddies"...have you ever heard "Wine buddies"."Beer buddies" just symbolizes a generation of easy going people with the messed up hair, jeans and a loose Teee.........Ugggghhhh...if only the Beer didn't give us the belly and if only the stupid wines were advertised for the normal, the hippies and the bohemians....I'm so in a nomads land today..drinking the wine and desiring the Beer....!!Uuuuffff!!