Friday, September 17, 2010

"Miss you" Notes

I've stayed in Rimini for almost a week now and I'll be leaving the city within the next two days. It feels so strange to move from a city which has so much to offer. The beautiful sunshine, the beaches, the market places and most importantly the very warm people.

In a span of a week of spending my time on the streets and beaches, I've managed to make a few acquaintances. Since Rimini is so small and such a touristy location, in a week's time almost the entire city familiarizes itself to you. People know what you like to drink and eat and when to expect you. I was pleasantly surprised by the people by the umbrellas expecting me to show up yesterday as though I'd lived my whole life there.

Also, all said and done I've realized I'll always love the beach more than the mountains. There is no greater feeling than walking in the sand bare feet or lying in a shade watching the sea. In the evening time as the sun starts to descend on all the buildings on one side and the water starts to change color, its time for the night life to begin. You will see all the hawkers spread out junk jewelry or random nothings only at night time. It is also the time , the pedestal and the side walks are buzzing with activity,tourists trying out sea food, music playing in the background and  people having a good time. There is not a single frown line on all these people enjoying in this little paradise. As you walk along the coast-line, you come across the harbor, where you can see ships docking at night. The moon light falling over the Adriatic sea while the ships dock is another sight beyond imagination.

Well, so much for being "in love" with a place. Unfortunately, since places are not like people, who you can convey a "miss you" to, I would just like to write about my experience as a "Miss you" note.


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