Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A cult called "The batch of '82"

I've obviously had a lot of time to think. Yes, whether I'm sitting on the beach reading my Ayn Rand novel
or walking on the sands of Italy, I often wonder why can't I have the same peace and undisturbed environment in my own country today? Where did all the serenity go when we were trying to build our own nation? Did we all get lost in just making a living that somehow some of us forgot, that living is to indulge in what we create?

I had this discussion last night with my mom, where we spoke about a plethora of solutions for our country. My mom has enough scientific knowledge to back me up on the fact that there is a lot of great work that is happening right this minute in the field of research. Why is it then, that the same knowledge only sees the light of the day once it is approved in an international forum?

I somehow believe, that the answer to our questions lie in the cult which was born in the year of '82. I believe
that some of the people I knew under this year are going to make "The Revolution". Its so sad that most of us
today are just trying so hard to fit in. We are figuring out our place in society. The batch of '82, I'll term as a cult, because they see the change, they like the change, but they are constantly thinking about what this change is all about. We were born to see the color Television, we saw the communication turn from snail mail to email and today to the mobile mail. We saw a Delhi without the AIMS flyover and now the flyover and now the flyover plus the work still in progress. But can we all sit back and overlook the deep corruption that has such strong undercurrents in this progression?

Which of us will rise from this? I don't think that anyone will be able to stand alone and change our country today. But a thought often amuses me..What if..just what if..say the batch of '82 that I knew, the one with all the intelligence and utter rebellion in place..form a pact. A pact based on understanding that one by one..we form a strong chain based on shameless selfishness. Selfishness to make our country worthy of us today. We combine "our" lives to join hands..over throw this corruption and work towards a pure greed towards our make it better and to make it worthwhile for us to do our job here and not have to leave it in search of greener pastures. What if we were to create it for just oursleves??

I wait for that time..

Till then let's all do what we do..find our feet on the ground..


  1. reminds me of the midnights children...=D

  2. Haven't read it yet..but will give it a read now