Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Fantastic ways to cheer up :)

A couple of weeks back I was really low and out because my sister had to cancel her trip here last minute. As I sat down completely clueless as to how to vent out my frustration and overcome my depression, I started googling about these various websites on how to cheer yourself up. I know it sounds hilarious and a little crazy but I gave it a shot, like I've mentioned before I cannot dwell in a morbid existence.

But what I found was the usual crap, which I knew wasn't going to help me. So, today I'm going to give you my own tips.

Here are some things that have helped me keep up-beat recently:-

1.Talk to your best buddies..and don't just talk...bitch and bitch and bitch till they die with boredom. This will cheer you up tremendously since you've actually vented it all out and bored someone to death!

2.Buy yourself happiness. And never with your own money! MAX out your mom's, dad's,best friend's, boyfriend's or husband's card. So that they can all share your misery..why not..when you are glum..there is no reason for your loved ones to have any peace or happiness.

3.Dress up your best. Almost always dress up like your going for a movie shoot. You never know, in all your misery, you might actually catch the eye of a well-known director and you might just land yourself next to James Bond. Who knows??

4.Drink. Drink to almost kill yourself or at-least make yourself sick. When you are can't really concentrate on why you were miserable in the first place.

5.Don't do any household chores. Sit pretty, file your nails and let the mess "be". That way when you finally look'll have too many things to do rather than sulk.

6.Put on heavy like a'll definitely get a ticket or two..or even get stopped by the cops..when you are in deep "shit"..will you ever worry about sadness..seriously??

7.And if all of the above still don't help you.( Though they are quiete fool proof) then just try slapping yourself..coz you've already given enough troubles to the world with all of the above..

Hope you find this useful. Just by the way I stopped after no.5!



  1. HAHAHAHA..keep it up..its far better than chetus intellectual shit..this is the kinda stuff life is made up of..

  2. me loves point #4
    works all the time...!
    didi ur too good...!