Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The single bullet theory

Hey i stumbled upon this theory while reading a Michael Connelly novel today. The single-bullet theory states that "You can fall in love and make love many times but there is only one bullet with your name etched on the side. And if you are lucky enough to be shot with that bullet then the wound never heals."

Well, I am a huge romantic but the bullet angle just made me grin so wide, I had to put it here. You see, I can draw so many similes here. Like the fact that for my hubby and me, the only true love we knew before coming across each other was for his "bullet" literally and for me, my car. And so unfortunately according to this single-bullet theory, he already has a bullet etched on his arm and well I have other things etched. And our wound..well we don't believe in pain but if you talk about a longing angle..will always be our rides! Damn..there goes "our" romance. ;)

Ok, I don't mean to offend the writer here at all, over all the book scores a 10 on the addictiveness, but the single-bullet theory is a "lil" haha..for me..

I think my love for power supersedes any other emotion I own. And for me power comes with two things: Money and a super sexy ride like "Slash". Once I had the two...I was free to rise in other emotions as well. So, that's my double bullet theory. (:P)!

To be honest in today's day and age, I really want to know..would you rather have a whirlwind romance or power? Somehow for me the power paved a smoother way for romance than the other way around. Think about it..and do share your theories..I'm really interested ;)


(P.S. That's my SEXY ride...!)


  1. well i d gladly take the whir wind romance:) power is again subjective... it all depends on what power are u referring to.. it could be the power you hold over your emotions, power in terms of stature, power associated wiht money, power to control your life... many would say romance and love lead to emotional dependency and somewhere weakens you..... but me being the eternal romantic, would prefer a whirlwind romance that single bullet literally meaning that one person i m meant to be with for the rest of my life, which completes the circle for me... and then i guess that emotional stability and content would empower me more:):)

  2. once u have power, romance follows, romance being used in both the sense of the world.
    without power, romance leads to misery and to be honest one can hardly sustain a miserable romance for too long.
    GO Bullet!!

  3. but then if someone loves u cz u are powerful.. then they love u cz of that... as they always say someone who loves you truly loves you for exactly what u are sans any material benefits or social stature..... i guess in my head the world is utopian and love still pure.... so i guess someone like me who believes in fairy tales should not even be commenting on a post that highlights the practicality of life:) but as i said earlier i like what u ve written, gives a lot of food for thought:)

  4. Hey Mayuri..the point of my posts is to make you think rather than indulge you in my thoughts..its to come up with your theories and philosophies..which I think I've been able to achieve. So cheers to that!!

  5. i reckon (and forgive me for dwelling in an epic)Draupadi-is n oober awesome example how to have power and pretend that u dint so that you had the romance as well!! i mean who wudnt want that??!! to be honest shuchi, i reckon its not an either/or situation... the thing is... i think we shudnt be tooo openly power hungry...cos then people KNOW what u're weakness is u know? and they if they find out what tickles ur fancy...ur anybody's game ;)

    having said that, i for one am a SUCKER for power and romance... hmph!

  6. Hey Sandy..extremely well's nice to play low key as long as you know who you are.. ;)