Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do you share the shame?

Hey, so I'm back from all the holidaying on to my writing desk again which I also call as my thinking desk. I must tell you that since morning I had been living in my oblivious life but I just got enlightened about the events in my country in the evening.

I cannot tell you the pain and shame I felt after hearing about the falling of the bridge at the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium. Also, what added to my misery were the comments passed on by the CWG committee regarding the hygiene issue and the recklessness in the fall of the bridge. I also heard a comment which said it was not a big deal. How is it that it is not a big deal? Had one of the children of this guy been on this bridge, would he have said the same thing. Also, another blow was a young Kashmiri gentlemen describing the country as a body and Kashmir as one of the body parts which has been treated like a vestigial organ. It was baffling.

I also read the stray comments on Facebook talking about how people think that the CWG should fail. Are you guys serious? In a country of a billion, where intelligence and hard work is of no dearth, do you guys think that these remarks are of no significance. Has your intellect surpassed your EQ? Do you think about the hard work put in not by the government but by the laborers? Do you think about the miserable people who died because of dengue and not those of you whose family survived it? Do you think about your money, the money which had been taken from you by the government in taxes to make those roads and put up the infrastructure?
Do you even think about yourselves as Indian then or forget that even as human beings?

Where has the 1 billion population disappeared? Why is their no one who can get up and pick up the boulders? Why is there no one to lift this burden of shame? Where is the consciousness ? I'm guilty of it as much as you are. But you know what..I will not comment. I think we deserve this and much worse.

Unless every individual in our country doesn't rise up and see this as I do..we shall all share the burden. Try running away from it as much as you want today. But I'll tell you what it'll travel with you even in your sleep and may be till death. Its a shame we stood their and watched and did nothing. Its a rape of your own country by you. Share the shame and burn in it.

Think about it..and if any one of you has the courage which may be even I don't..then do something..don't just talk..everyone is talking anyway..


  1. you know what , Bhagat Singh once said " the british govt. is deaf and need a bing bang to wake up"..... i guess its the turn of our desi govt......
    i agree to the shame, we as indians , esp those living abraod will share, but i still think this is the moment for that bang. International shame when we are projecting ourselves as a superpower, as a time when we were thinking of Olympics.
    I think as painful as it might be, this Band-Aid needs to be ripped off.

  2. I don't know Mrigank, the way I see it, its not the Govt. but the public and its attitude which has to change too.

  3. Make these games a success and let these politicos get away with the whole thing. Why can't for once Sheila Dikshit or Jackass Kalmadi show some remorse on the mishaps that keep occurring (be it the bridge or the false ceiling). Absolute waste of common man's money.

  4. The government has spent 5 times the money than required in organizing the CWG. Still things are not up to the mark. This was our hard earned money - which we paid as taxes - all or most of which has been filling the government's pocket through the corruption that has gone into CWG games.

    How would anyone feel when he has been cheated of his hard earned money and provided an inferior product.

    The government does not care. The politicians have made so much money that their generations can enjoy it and probably will. The indian judicial system is easy to twist and turn - and with so much corruption money in hand things become many times more easy. No one would be caught or even named.

    What would you do when the criminal goes free and enjoys his life while you still toil for meeting your daily needs?

    A developed country like US or Australia provides a lot of features to its citizens in return for the tax that they pay. A US or an australian citizen does not need to worry about his unemployment, future or old age. It is taken care of by the government. Indian citizen pay almost the same amount of tax. And what do we get in return - broken roads, no electricity or water. It has been 63 years since independence - and the government still stands where it was. Whatever development we see is being done by the corporates or the citizen.

    What more can i say? I feel ashamed to be a part of India. And i would like to bring this government to book.

  5. @ Jayant. Total expenditure was not just 5 times. It was estimated to be 600 crores but it surpassed 11000 crores close to 20 times more than the budget that was stated earlier.

  6. haha, i dunno what to write or say..things r fucked beyond repair..u reach a stage where words like ashamed seem small n stupid. delhi is a garbage dump. Where i continue to survive n pay taxes to add more to this dump. i rest my case. too tired to add anything more this to debate

  7. It's great to hear about these facts, even greater for you to contribute them here, but I have a question and its always the same, how do we amend this? Just how?

  8. All comments read, but still I feel the same as before. I know all is not well, but are we making any contribution to help it in any way? The answer is a big NO.
    I have a very strong feeling against our own media and our own people. I know things are terribly wrong ; Corruption, Security Issues, Games Village Hygiene & Rubble, Foot-bridge falling and now a part of gypsum Ceiling falling. But let me tell you, and most of you will agree, we do exaggerate and blow things out of proportion and worse, we all are ready with our useless comments even without realizing the ground-reality to the fullest.

    I am an over optimistic guy ; even more so if it is about my home, my mother country. I really hope the games do go down very well.

    Also, ask yourself: If something is not right about your own family, will you you try to make it better or cover-up as much as you can OR will you go bitching about it all over the place? No need to answer it here, simply answer yourself within...

  9. How do we amend this

    * No politician to head any of the sports federation. Get people like E.Sreedharan who are not only responsible but also committed.
    * Every money spent should be accounted for (How on earth can someone spend 9 Lacs for a treadmill that costs 1 Lac)
    * Layout policies/rules which if not followed brings in suspension, termination etc.

    Also, if the law permits screw people like "Suresh Jackass Kalmadi".

  10. @Anonymous : You seem to the only one with amends. How do we implement your thoughts in to action?