Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dedicated to my friend Ankur Sharma

Hi Ankur, I know you are smiling you're dimpled smile right this minute at the fact that you have compelled me to write about you. You know Ankur, I'd seen your blogs almost 2 years back and I'd taken the task of starting something on my own too. Today, as I browsed through to see what competition I still faced, I was appalled to know that you left me so far behind. I had often wondered, how you never seemed to have commented or debated on my thought process. Now, I know better.

I wonder is this what happens to genius? Or did you do your job much better than the rest of us here? Did you not want to see the mess in our country and help us take out a simple solution to these complex problems? Like we did throughout our studies.

I know you for 12 years now. I remember "our" friendship was purely based on you raising my self esteem. At a time, where most boys called me "ugly" and "stupid". You held my hand in the assembly grounds to raise my confidence. You often helped me with my studies and joked about how similar we were in spirit, though I really never ever matched up to your intellect or abilities. I remember our miserable fights and also how I could never turn down your charm and making up abilities. I remember how hard you tried for the IITs and when you couldn't make it there, you made it better by going to another IIT, Illinois Institute of Technology. At a time, where all of us struggled for salaries, you sat comfortably because of a gift, we lacked. All of us competed with you, But, you were beyond all that. You were absolute. You started your own organization and continued to excel and we all watched you in utmost awe. You always had a solution to every problem whether it was mathematical or life pertaining. How then did you decide to be omnipresent?

Ankur, I think, you some how compelled me to think about you today and may be you wanted me to know that some how you are always going to be there. I wish I could have another of our heated discussion, I wish you could tell me what to do with my life which seems to be ever-changing? May be you will, in my dreams.

I thought it was only possible for saints to be omni-present...if you've read this today..I hope you are proud of my writing abilities..and guess what, you were right..I didn't turn out "so ugly" or "dumb" as others thought I would..

Thank you for being a part of my life and the much needed inspiration..till we meet again my friend..


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  2. I dunno what to say, I am shocked :-( Rest in Peace Ankur