Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can we do it in a day?

I wait for EOD tomorrow.

We were taught in management "The Poka yoke" model. We are aware of it. When you start to build a model, you lead no scope of error there. The Indian infrastructure, the bureaucracy, the hygiene is a far cry from it. How then do we make these amends in a day. But, we shall try.

What led us to think then that a weak foundation could hold up a huge structure and could support an ever increasing population on it? I wonder. The CWG's fate is yet to be seen. The point is that today if all of us do not gauge the strong learning we witness, then the consequences to our destiny are questionable.

I think we have a lot to learn and implement in our own lives today. If you don't care for your own country, then chances are that tomorrow each part of our country is under the threat that Kashmir faces today. I'm sorry to quote this today but US attacked Iraq with its rational/irrational thinking when its twin towers burnt to the ground. Forget the chaos and the lives it cost the innocent, it was a display of power. A display that suggested that whoever tried to mess with them would be brought to the ground. India has been so tolerant in all its undertakings. So much so that it has been unable to come with a direct verdict on the Ayodhya issue today. An issue that has been haunting us for over 6 decades now.

Why does only provocation lead to a suitable answer. Are we blind, dumb and deaf not to have learnt from our past. Why do we lack unity? Is it because our democracy has made us so comfortably numb? Where is the end to this despair? And again..where is my population of over a billion hiding? Where are the great minds being wasted? Where..??

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