Friday, October 1, 2010

Yeh hai India meri jaan

Its been a pleasure to see a turn in the events. I must say that though I stay in Germany, and I have been able to see some beautiful sports arena, the one in India looks like its up to global standards. There will always be glitches in our system, after all we remain a democracy, and as my husband puts it, there will always be free thinking in abundance. But, I think the Delhi government has put up a grand show, in-spite of having us put through all that mockery.

Another thing worth a mention is the verdict on the Ayodhya issue. As usual, the parties in our country will continue to voice their opinions and grievances, like I said, we are a democracy. We have the right to think and to express it just as I do here on my blogs. What's also worth a thought is that if everything in India were just half as perfect then may be like our parties, some of us also may cease to exist and find our livelihood. Which is pretty much my thought on what a lot of parties have to say today.

I somehow like the verdict. If a temple and a mosque can be built on the same grounds then may be our nation will somehow not see as many Tiger Menon, let's just put it that way. Also, there is no point in digging up the past. Come to think of it, how many times have you met someone, you really like and get to know and then ask them which religion do they believe in. And, then change your opinion about them. Really?? let's not get uncivilized here. I also wish that somehow the same stress can be put by the media on the government to resolve our Kashmir issue in the times to come.

I also want to thank a lot of people taking keen interest in my blogs lately. My sisters often mock me about writing about our country when I reside someplace else. Let me clarify I only seek enlightenment through my blogs. I don't expect any support of any kind here, if at all, only write about the facts and what you think about should be the change that we can all bring about.

I will again go missing for a while..till then...


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  1. hey also try understand the stuttgart 21 issue and post your views on that