Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Waiting on the internet!

After waiting on Ikea to get my furniture and then waiting for O2 to provide me with an internet connection, I can write a whole book on waiting. I'm just glad to be back in the world of surfers and what seems to become the real world: The virtual reality.

Have you noticed sitting in the train that no one really talks to each other anymore except the really really old people out there? Everyone is so hooked to their smart phones, it almost makes you feel like an outcast!I felt pretty odd having a good laugh with a friend on the train, everyone looked at us as though we were alien apes from another planet.  I can also tell you about a recent trip I had to a small village, where I found myself having such a good time, no there was no internet just data packets (:P)! Fine give me that, I'm not that old! I walked with my 60's companion in to the woods, got lost, had no network and guess what, we could still find our way out, apparently she could track the tractor tracks! I was pretty amazed. Also it seems, she didn't really need the "Accuweather" App because she almost always knew when it was going to rain by smelling something in the air, which thankfully our Apps are not equipped with! I could also enjoy the red wine, the food, the music and of course her company minus my cell going brr...brr..

I wonder if we all are just hooked on to our cell phones to look busy? I know we smokers smoke to look busy and of course killing the boredom of waiting and waiting... but I guess we're all so lonely that we almost need our gizmos like cocaine for an addict. The lonelier you are, the more you see online vomits. Well whatever it is, it is definitely a catching phenomenon. I'm not sure which side I'm on?Hmm..

I'm just so glad to finally have my internet connection and just connect my ipod, get new music, check out on books, movie, events and book my tickets and get out of here every once in a while! Amen to the internet!

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