Saturday, January 12, 2013

The white wonder

It's a day like this in Stuttgart that makes you believe in the goodlife. The snow flakes covering the streets, each branch, smiling at you with its new found accessory, a little flake here, a little flake there. The rooftops beaming at you with their new found white beauty that they glow in under the white skies.

It's a day defined in white perfection. A day where friends should sit around a wooden table in Zimt und Zucker and drink a cup of warm hot chocolate, sharing the weeks laughter and joy. A day, where silence makes sounds at the charisma of  nature. As nature seduces me in to its purity and innocence, every hardship of the weeks seems to ease out of my veins bringing back fresh white light. Nothing could go wrong now in the white blanket of nature. Every little whisper from the trees ruffling with the snow flakes smothering them, seem to be calling out to me today to go out and sin in nature.

As I watch the white wonder by my window today, I can only wish happiness, love and joy to each one near and dear. This is definitely a page in the good life I sin in!

Cheers :-)

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