Monday, October 25, 2010

The magnificence of Autumn

I have to talk about the most beautiful transition in Europe : The month of Autumn. Everyday as I go about my daily routine, I happen to witness the magic of autumn. As I walk down the streets to my bus stop, I see the a sheet of white that now covers most of the cars, the grass, the fences and the benches along the road. The sheet of white is not the snow but its just the ice right now.

As the day proceeds and the sun rises above the clouds, this ice melts and gives a look of magnificence. It looks like diamonds have been splattered on the grass, the brown benches gleam like they are made out of gems and the leaves on the trees look like they are made of beaten gold. I wonder how humans could run after any other comforts when they look at this sight. I wonder how closely have people looked at it like they way I see it, and then music runs through my heart.

Is this what "Vivaldi" conveys about in his compositions in the "Four seasons". Is this what inspired him to compose this melody, was it inspired by the European Autumn? Is this what made "Sting" sing "Fields of Gold"? And if so, then in this lifetime will I be able to do the same justice to this majestic beauty as I see it. Is this the point when man bows down to eternal beauty and the truth. It is not what we can touch that is of value but sometimes just what we see. Tell me Monet, tell me Van Gogh, tell me did you get this view on a canvas? Will the rest of us only be able to frame it in our mind rather than create it on the next level.

And what else am I to want, when all I see is these leaves of gold and these benches of diamond? What else is there to live for if not this moment? And how do I get this in a composition, in a melody or on a canvas? Just how...??

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