Monday, January 31, 2011

Second chance and School days

I believe there are very few people in life who get a second chance in life. When I talk about a second chance, please don't take me very seriously...I don't mean in forms of life and death...I just mean in terms of your youth.

Unfortunately, I hated my school. I always thought it was a place for the rich,the pretty and the pretty influential! I have very painful memories of school. Back stabbing friends, lousy set of boyfriends and a partial group of teachers. When people reminisce their times in school, I have almost had nothing to share with them.

And so I always wished to God to give me another easy going chance and today I have it. Yeah being 28 and being in a school is such a joyful experience. I don't have to prove anything to anyone except myself. I don't have to have those lousy flings and things.Most of all I don't have to pretend. I can dress as I like,I can talk like me and I can just be ME!!

There is no pressure from parents or a country where people die of competing. I'm blessed to have my hubby as my guardian and competition doesn't even figure in my book :)! Since I am my own competition today.

I so wish that someone would have told me in school not to take life as seriously as I did. I wish someone had told me at 16..that all would work out well...

For those of you out there, who might read this today. I have a small message. DON'T take life too seriously..its so not worth it. Make sure you smile as much as possible and invest in yourself unless you are as fortunate as me to get this second chance.. :)


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  1. well said shuchi, will remember it all when prithvi starts school!