Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hide and seek

Today is just another day in Stuttgart where the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds. Yeah, it seems rather amusing to watch the sun go in and out of what seems like oblivion. I know it can't sense how deeply it is wanted on a weekend like this, but I so wish to see it emerge out strong.

As I watch the sun by my window, it seems to strike just the right chord with my spirit. It's how my soul exhibits its moods on such days. Sometimes my spirit soars at the sight of the sun and on the other just slips in to gloomy colours of the cloudy grey. A sense of belonging and then all of a sudden a sense of the exclusion. I try so hard to battle my imperfections and yet sometimes, there is no way out, the clouds just seem to shadow my effort like they seem to filter the sunlight today. The wind seems to be singing a new tune, it tries to push away these dull clouds to give way to the sun. This is some what like my inner thoughts which give a constant way out to all self doubts I have building up. "What does today have in store for me", I guess this is the question which the  land on which I stand today asks as well..Will it be sunny or will i just lie in the shadows...The constant hide and seek in the cloud is in complete harmony with my soul right now...

Yeah...its just another day in my little world of oblivion...I wish to rise out of these shadows of self doubt and more..and may be get a broader view of the sky..until then...I try to find the rhythm in these skies..


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