Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Being average

I think that being average has been so under rated all over the world whereas it is not as bad as it is made to sound.

I always find myself in an average situation. Like today, I did average on my test. Yes, out of a class of 18 students, I probably stood at the 9th position, just average. When I was younger, I was this plump girl with braces who probably nobody noticed in the class, I strived, I lost the braces and the weight but what I couldn’t compete with was that there were always thinner and prettier girls in our class. I even improved my grades at college and masters level but guess what, there were always a lot of people beating me up in those grades. I listened to music and read a lot of books but I still come across people who have heard more and read more. I started writing and painting but then I knew that they would be people to beat me to it too! I never knew what it was to be number 1 and I think I probably will never know. It’s not because I don’t try hard enough but…..who knows why :)

In spite of being this average being, I must admit to you today that I have a wonderful life! I must tell you the pros of being average are that when you do find yourself doing better than your expectation, you have so much to celebrate about. Being average also means, doing a lot of things. Yeah, you can dance, sing, read, and participate in any sport you want, without having the pressure to stand number 1. The only fear I don’t have is that of failing myself because I will always go for that extra mile just before killing myself.

It also means receiving extra love, no one ever sees you as a potential threat! That is so great for me since I love being around people…I love the fact that I can be greeted by innocent smiles rather than those sneaky smirks of jealousy or rejection. What I love the most is that I can hold hands with the strong and the weak and make my own path.

So…those of you who feel down and out being perfect or imperfect…think about being average..did I mention: Being Average ROCKS!


  1. Have you already gefeiert?)))

  2. Nein, ich habe nicht gefeiert jetzt aba morgen will ich feire machen :P

  3. being avg means wasting ur life doing so many things end up doing nothing.for ex my frd wasted four yrs of her engg life as she end up doing banking job. So i disagree with u in life It's better to burn out going for top than to fade away as avg person ..."

  4. Dear anonymous..ure friend sounds so much like me :P! Anyway I share your thoughts on burning out rather than fading away!