Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reality, Illusion and Magic

Have you noticed whatever appears to us is mostly an illusion? What we believe in becomes a reality? And when some of us are able to cross over these lines of illusion and reality..we mostly create magic.

I try so hard to understand politics, the financial markets, the judicial system and all such man-made created institutions. The harder I try to understand them, the feeling of disillusion grows stronger. Movies like the "Inside job", news channels like NDTV or CNNIBN only throw light about what is NOT right in the world today. We are witness to the Egyption revolution, and now the unrest in Libya. Back home we have issues like the CWG and 3G scams making way. The more I read, the lesser I know. There is spine chilling greed in India today and then there is a basic right of freedom that people are fighting for. As an outsider, I can only look on with beady eyes as I don't understand much of it. All that goes around today is something that is created by an underlying current in the world. It is the need for power above all. And this to me, my friends is an illusion.

My reality arises out of my self sustainment and as the most common man, I sympathize with the people of Libya, who probably could not even publish a blog like I do. I feel the despair of the people who lost their money and livelihood in the economic crisis. I will never be able to fully understand their despair but yeah some where in my heart, i did shed those tears of hatred and disgust at a financial system so disillusioned. I also feel ashamed about my country men, elected by me, trying to constantly deceive me and other tax paying citizens. This is my shattered reality.

The Magic is when illusion and reality meet to create something like an idea of a revolution. I wonder why there is lesser stress and talk about the inventions in the world. Of-course commercially there are hot selling products everyday but what goes on in the minds of the inventors. What is their take on reality vs illusion to give us these magical products everyday. Why aren't there enough movies or news channels talking about them. Why are these mediums of communications throwing light only on these corrupt leaders and keeping the real heroes (And by heroes I don't mean only Sachin Tendulkar or SRK or A.R. Rehman) out of our sight?

Has our society forgotten all about the only power that really matters : CREATION.

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