Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bleeding hearts and silent prayers

As we all sit in the comfort of our homes, and hopefully all of you are sound and safe, I cannot help but think about the devastation in Japan. It's strange to think about people living on the same planet who see the same sky, wake up with the same sun and sleep under the same star light.

The country of the rising sun is covered with the unimaginable grey skies right now. Look at the play of nature, it creates us and then it decides to wreckage us in such brutal manners. My heart bleeds at the sight of the massive destruction. It is in times like these that we think about not "our" human powers but a superior to us "mother nature". Its surprising that even in grave times like these when politicians in our country, still call our nuclear power plants safe. Its even more amusing to see that the great financial advisors, the world over find an "opportunity" in these testing times. This is not even shameful, its just "inhuman" I see it.

I sit at home comfortably and write about this, trust me I feel guilty of making this as a topic. But I do want all of you who read this to think about the two sides of human nature. One that will emerge out of this stronger. Yes, I am sure, some of us at least, have said those silent prayers and will form a human chain to pull back Japan. The second is the suicidal lot of people, like our politicians, who still do not acknowledge the power in nature and continue to set up these power plants and keep them from being closed, for what they call "our" comfort. And this comes in as an afterthought, that India has an abundance of solar, water and wind energy.

I feel really little by this huge catastrophe and I only pray that it passes over Japan soon. I wish that all the lives could be saved and I hope that some day soon, we can again see Japan rise like the rising sun.


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