Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ageing Itch

Fading in to oblivion has always struck me as an alien thought, but having said that, I should add that it occurred to me today morning. I guess after a night of partying and all the alcohol in your system, one starts to wonder about all sorts of things, its like an itch that doesn't seem to go away.

Ageing is my itch today. Its crazy that I feel so fresh and young at heart but there is a certain stability in my life that I can't seem to reckon with. A year back, I couldn't have thought about being in a foreign country, dancing to Indian tunes with a bunch of unknown nationalities and being able to still recognize my identity. Its rather amusing, the way we human beings can adapt to any situation physically or psychologically. Why is it then, that we have to age? Of-course, the world has come to give us solutions to physical ageing like botox or liposuction but is there a solution to what goes on in our mind or the way that we are perceived?

Do we have to reckon with our age at anytime? I really really want to know. 

I feel more confident about myself than what I felt at 16 or 25. I am more focused in life and seem to get my way around faster in any given situation now than I ever did before. I can run faster and longer now.I can balance studies, work 2 jobs, gym and socialize better now than before. I also find solutions coming my way often rather than problems. Does age have to do anything with it? Oh my God, I hope not. 

I have such a huge fear today and I am so ashamed to admit it. Is anybody else going through these foolish thoughts as well? (And no, its not to do with physical appearance, because I'm often asked to show my identity even while purchasing beer :P). Its just with a perception that old people should not party,wear dirty old clothes, have babies, sit at home, drink at home and may be even die at home :'(

Oh I've really psyched myself! Starting today..I should work on a documentary called sweet 60!! HELP!!SOS!!

No cheers!!


  1. sweetie, i think it's up to you, right? yes, maybe age gives you the knowledge to balance things better (when you're young you tend to radicalize things: or do you party like a maniac or you just sit and do nothing). maybe now, having a stable and good life, you can choose what to do and when to do better. i woudln't be afraid, if i were you.. i'd embrace this freedom that you have to choose what to do each and everyday of your life. everyday life can be fun if we choose to ;) even with all our responsibilities. and i guess age just leaves that opition in a more clear and conscient state :D kisses, my dear!

  2. oh, just to rap it up better: you just have to continue having this young spirit that always makes you eager for new experiences and types of knowledge ;) anyway, we are the ones who choose our ways.. as long as you keep that in mind, no age or any exterior forces will force you into a completly setled and static state.