Thursday, May 5, 2011

The latest adrenaline rush

I almost thought I'd experienced all kinds of adrenaline rush till I found another one today. It's called hard core : hard work! Phew!! Its all thank to my new found job as a Language Trainer and my dreaded German orientation exam!!

I must tell you that all my life, my sisters and my friends have bullied me about my strange accent, my excitement while talking, and sometimes my HUGE pronunciation errors! Yeah, I have been the butt of many countless jokes, but trust me all this had been taken in stride and today I have my sisters and friends to thank for my new found job (:P)! Ironical..yeah sure is, but I understand the plight of all those blurry eyed adults sitting in front of me, waiting for me to pick on them the same way. But, yeah it doesn't come to them. Guess why?????????????????

About the rush part, of-course it gives me a lot of :in-your-face-pleasure to say that I am a language trainer. The other part of it is more humbling. Imagine sitting with a bunch of people, who will not be able to understand you at all except your body language and then BAM!!!!( BAM is the part where I get creative, excited, mad and somehow make them talk!) And my enthusiasm does lead them to speak my language, English!! OH YAY!! I can't tell you the rush I get from teaching.

The hard work rush : Try preparing for an exam and 6 hr classes. A 3+3 hr class requires a minimum of 2+2 hours of preparation. All that in a day = master card ad..."Money can't buy you somethings..." this case "Hard work doesn't always equal a LOT of money, but it will always give you an adrenaline rush!!" OH YEAH!!!!


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  1. Do u remember the "hare" and "Thare" jokes ;)... ?