Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year beginnings

Last evening was one of those dream sequence evenings which one wishes to share with all their loved ones. As my drunk group made its way up a little hill to watch all the fire works in the sky, it felt like we owned a little bit of the sky then and there. The beautiful lighting, the fire crackers, the snow and most importantly being with loving and cheerful friends made it all so worth it.

As I looked up at the sky, where the stars had been replaced by rockets and other fire works, I wished for just that one minute, that may be this year, I will have to shine in spirit just a little brighter. It'll be a year of immense learnings. I want to make sure that in a few months time, I'm able to perfect my German to a coherent level. Also, I want to find myself painting, reading, writing and thinking much more. Last year I could have never imagined myself taking keen interest in the politics in my country or about stepping out of a system and embracing another one. But since then, I've had a lot of learning and adjusting to do.

I also wish that all the most adorable people in my life continue to succeed in their lives and pass on the glitter as much as they can ;) . I wish that my most beloved place on earth, New Delhi, becomes more patient and safe. And I wish that I can get to see it again in the near future and paint it in my colors as always!

Most of all I wish I stay how I am only better at what I do..amen..

Happy New year everyone :)


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