Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shopping alone

Shopping alone is almost like being single again for me. It holds the same excitement for me as meeting someone new.

Though most girls love to shop with their girlfriends, i was mostly deprived of good company. I may love the "Sex and the city" series but very honestly i have only craved for such girlfriends. Most of the ones that I made turned out as back stabbers and in the long run hurting me. This did not mean that i had no friends. It just so happened that most of my closest friends today are men. They can keep secrets and can hold their drinks without crying or feeling guilty about something. Surprisingly they also make good shoppers. Well, not as good as woman but they are generous enough to make an effort to tell you when you look fat, your butt looks out of place, and when everything is for everybody to see. Well thats the shopping I've done with my male friends. Oh Lord its time to mover over to woman friends isn't it??

So, why can't i have these women friends? Why are they so over-rated in my life? Will there ever be more girl friends in my phone book than the number of male friends? I wonder??

This brings me back to shopping alone. Since there is no way that my sister can afford to fly all the way here to shop with me.I shall have to do it all alone. You see, my darling husband just lost a bet last night on the England Vs Algeria match. And so I won myself a shopping spree. Unfortunately he hates to go inside these stores and so i shall have to do it all by myself. The thought of it all has caused me to wake up at 5.30 in the morning and start writing all this. I'm definitely going cuckoo.

I'll try and catch a wink now.


  1. Haha..since u v left..iv not bought nething from promod.i miss u zuzu.have a nice day be extremely honest iv not done clothes shopping since uv left!!

  2. Liar..u bought the amazing red dress..vll shop when u enough to shop till we drop :)

  3. didi i was reading al ur blogs... n they all touched me in a senti way...esp wen u described ur days in delhi.. i mean we all hv set life patterns our comfy cocoons n i can only imagine wat it mus be like leavin tht shell... u brave..lotsaaa loveee btw priya dis side