Monday, June 21, 2010

Missing Delhi..missing my sister

Its one of those days. Monday has brought me no sunshine and a deep urge to be with my sister, in the city i'll always belong to : Delhi.

Delhi witnesses all the seasons with different colours and has a strange appeal in my eyes.

My mornings: My mornings in Delhi were always in either Al's gym or walking/jogging in the beautiful green IIT Campus. Al's gym holds a special meaning in my heart since this was a place where i was attended to by the most warm trainers in Delhi. Working out with my sister for 2 years gave us both a way to beat any kind of blue.

My afternoons: Although this was mostly spent with my colleagues in office, but somehow the laughter and the cheer has also been unparalleled since. The long lunch breaks, followed by a stroll or a smoke break, in the heart of the city : Connaught place. It could be a shake at Wenger's or the Gol-gappa's at Bengali market. The shopping in Janpath.

My evenings: After office, catching up with my sister at SDA. Drinking a cup of coffee at Barista or at a CCD opposite Aurobindo college was "our" little heaven. There is nothing like sisterly gossip in the world. Pulling each others leg or someone else's leg till it was mummy's call for home.

My nights: Sitting on the couch and watching TV with my brother and sister. Fighting over the remote, over channels and constant bickering on who would get a water bottle from the refrigerator. Over-eating followed by a walk in the campus with my sister or mom.

Late nights: Lying on the bed, talking to my sister about what we would wear the next day to work.Trying on clothes till we were tired to the bone. Late night calls and checking out Facebook with my sister.

There is so much i miss, mostly about a time gone by and with my sister. Wonder if that time would ever come back? How do i make my peace with my present when i have had such a wonderful past?


  1. By looking at the shopping bags :P hehehehe

  2. Yes, Shuchi there's no place like Delhi and a sister is a friend for life. I miss massi very much too. But you life must go on. Remember the happy moments you spent with your siblings and make the best out of what you have at the moment. I admire at the way you are using yr time. Your blog reminds me of the time I was married n far away in Darj, Love to you n Jamairaja

  3. Thank you for reading Sabina "ma". If it weren't for your and mausi's blessings, I won't be where i am today.

  4. hey shuchi, we miss you too,a real pleasure to have known you, wishing you a great b'day