Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friends :)

Friendship is the thought that comes to my mind right now. Friendship has no age, class, sex or any other kind of barrier. It happens to you when you are looking for nothing.

My friendship is not just limited to my relation with my friends, my sister's friends or my hubby's. Its extended in all my surroundings. Some of you have already become my brothers, sisters and surrogate mother by just being there for me.

I value and cherish every suggestion that comes my way from you. Its cherished every moment spent with those of you who read this space and from those who I've had a chance to spend some time with. But i always say with friendship comes responsibility. You must know that who i am today or will be tomorrow will be governed by you (this is not to say i lose my individuality, its just to say how it affects me.)

I want to talk about what it could do to me:-
1. It could make me the free soul of a seagull flying into destinations unknown with a limited life-span.
2. It could drown me in an unknown ocean of the same depth as the height you let me soar in.

Be careful of your words, be careful of the emotions you display upon me. I am what you make me to be. I am not what you don't want me to be.

Sorry for the philosophy but for those of you who got this, will be there with me till time do us apart. Think about it.

Cheers to good wine and the match of Greece Vs Argentina!

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