Friday, June 18, 2010

The week that went by..

Its that time of the week, that we all love. It's a FRIDAY. And like God just send me this special message by bringing out the sun late this Friday evening. Germany is full of these beautiful surprises. Just when you think, the week is finally over,the gloomy day is just about to set, the sun will come out of no-where and i mean no where since its been raining all morning and afternoon..and wham..there comes out the sun. The birds are back to chirping and the honey bees are out in the garden.

I start my day again, the best part is always the Friday evening with some friends and my hubby. Although Germany faced a sad defeat, i have a reason to smile with the sun by my window.

In the week that went by, I had a chance to understand a bit of the language, thanks to my German classes. I can make little conversation with the store-keepers and with the youngsters who refuse to give up a chance to talk with a foreigner.

I've also managed to keep up with my literary skills and my artistic side with a few sketches here and there.

What could i want more right? Hmm..may be the company that my sister is enjoying right now. Yeah, i could do with a session of Jinga with my drunk friends in Bangalore or a bitch session with some girlfriends over the fashion disasters of the year. Since that will have to wait till i make those 100 new friends, i will spend the evening doing some retail therapy :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend. Hope my bachelor friends finally get to work over the tips I've showered them with over the week gone by. Hope my sister is getting tipsy somewhere with her great friends. As for me, I'm out of here for now.


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