Thursday, June 17, 2010

Keep your head up in the air and your feet firmly on the ground

This is a saying i have been told by mom a million times. I had somehow forgotten the relevance of it in my life over a period of time. Today as i spoke to one of my friends, i somehow quoted it and then realized how i had been neglecting it.

There was a simple conversation today with this friend of mine regarding my German classes. I had told him how appalled i had been to find that some people did not even know how to write. In-fact i went on to say that "It was disgusting". To this, my friend corrected me by saying "You are sympathetic not disgusted."

You see, education handicaps so many of our humanitarian aspects. We tend to overlook people for their lack of it. We miss out on facts like poverty, ignorance, circumstances and some more. In fact many Germans may not be as educated as our population of over a billion yet they tend to flourish more than us.

This brings me back to my humanitarian aspect. Rather than dwelling in to any more thought, i will make a resolution here: starting Monday, I will help the person with this learning dis-ability.

I would hate to be the preacher who doesn't follow what she preaches.

Danke my freund!



  1. Now tell us the truth... Is this person whom you shall do the philanthropic deed for, a cute dude from Greece or something!!!!

    :) :)
    Good thought nevertheless.... About your remark on the Indians being more educated et. all, what I really admire about the foreigners is the pride they take in whatever job they do... unlike Indians who would always think one job to be menial than the next one...

  2. Nah..unfortunately this person is an African woman in her late forties..wish it was the Greek guy though ;)

    I agree about the dignity in labour part as i call it.