Monday, June 28, 2010

Beating Monday morning way!!

Everyone suffers from Monday morning blues. Who doesn't? You probably wondering what Monday morning blues could someone as "wella" as me suffer. Well here are a few:-

1.Waking up in the morning realizing you are puffed up with the over-eating, drinking and over-indulging, practically kills me.
2.Finding a messy house is another nightmare. Chips on the carpet, onion peels flying over the kitchen counter, dirty laundry in the basket are just a few examples of the horrors I face on such mornings.
3.The silence. The over-bearing silence of the house is another haunting experience since my hubby is off to work and I know I'll have to clean up all by myself.

Now ways to beat these blues are rather interesting even to me:-
1. A good run in to the sun.A run by the airport strip, where we stay helps me look at the dawn breaking in to the day. This gives me hope that everything will turn out just fine.(Even the mess)
2. Another thing I do is to put on some peppy numbers, that's an understatement, loud jarring numbers is more my way to beat the blues. Something which could go like " Shot through the heart and you're to blame...".
3. A favorite therapy of mine is an afternoon of watching one episode of "Sex and the city". For the male readers it could be an episode of "Entourage" :)! Definitely boosts your adrenaline levels.
4.If all this fails, you could try meditation.
5.And even if that doesn't work, hmm..., sleep a little longer, may be it is a nightmare you just had. :P

Well, I've already countered my Monday morning blues knowing that its one day struck off the entire week leading in to a great weekend. Hopefully so would have all of you. For what's now 4 days of the remaining week. Enjoy!!


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